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Intro to Video - Process

TGJ 2OI presentation - Video Unit

Greg Todd

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Video - Process

Introduction to Video Production:
The Process During this video unit, you're going to learn a great
deal about the skills and techniques involved in
making high quality videos. This includes... Parts of a video camera How to handle a video camera Selection of camera shots How to capture and edit footage on a computer Adding titles and effects Before you can start filming and editing,
you need to understand the PROCESS
involved in video production. There are 3 main steps in the video production process... PRE-PRODUCTION PRODUCTION POST-PRODUCTION Each step is crucial to the success of
any video project! PRE-PRODUCTION Planning and development stage
Generating project ideas
Developing a treatment and script
Creating storyboards
Scouting locations
Organizing a budget
Finalizing a production plan TREATMENT this is a general description of your video
explains the overall idea, mood and flow of the video
should clearly describe what the video will look and sound like to a viewer STORYBOARD this is a visual representation of your script or treatment
carefully drawn series of images that illustrate the intended camera shots in your project
resembles a comic book PRODUCTION involves all the filming of raw footage required for the project
requires location/set shooting of footage
usually involves more people than other stages (on-screen talent, crew, etc.)
needs to be very carefully planned PRODUCTION TIPS REHEARSE!
it's always best to practice scenes BEFORE filming
develop a detailed shot/production schedule and follow it
plan to shoot all the shots required in a particular location all at once to avoid resetting, etc.
pay close attention to how you frame scenes when filming
watch for distracting backgrounds, etc.
film extra content for cutaways (makes editing easier) POST-PRODUCTION this is the last step in production
involves capturing footage onto computer, selecting shots & editing video/audio and adding titles and effects VIDEO EDITING fairly long process
involves selecting and arranging clips in a particular order to tell an effective "story"
can be very creative
cut, trim and move clips around AUDIO EDITING can be just as important as video editing
involves adjusting/editing recorded audio (from camera)
also involves ADDING sound - music, voice-overs, sound effects
sound effects are VERY important to the success of a video
music can dramatically affect the mood/feeling of a video If you learn how to put all these stages together successfully, who knows... YOU could be the next Steven Speilberg or Quentin Tarantino!
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