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5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes: Episode 5

Episode 5- Big Huge Labs, Kahoot!, Pinterest, Visuwords, Piktochart

Katie Ritter

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of 5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes: Episode 5

1. Big Huge Labs
2. Kahoot!
3. Pinterest
4. Visuwords
5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes
5. Piktochart
By Katie Ritter
Twitter: @Katie_M_Ritter
Blog: talktechwithme.wordpress.com
Website: talktechwithme.com
What is it?
Great for...
Unique photo editor with TONS of options! They have a free educator account, which comes add- free and allows you to sign your students up.
Motivational Posters
Magazine Covers
What is it?
Great for...
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
Great for...
Great for...
Great for...
Similar to a clicker system, only Kahoot! turns your quizzes and questions into a game by displaying a leaderboard in your classroom.
Turn traditional class time into a game
Quiz and test review
Entry slips
Exit slips
Online pin board for things you want to remember and check out later.
Idea boards
Student collaboration
Group work
Word associations
Visual dictionary- shows relationships to other related words.
Create great looking infographics, or visual representations of information.
Diigo bookmark link for all the sites in this presentation:
displaying data
spicing up traditional research paper
introducing students to data and graphs
Map Maker
CD Covers
Sharing ideas with coworkers
Remembering lessons and ideas for later
Inspiration, ideas and search engine for lessons & activities
Visual for presentation
Persuasive projects
sharing/publishing work
Share results to surveys
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