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Adolf Hitler Presentation


Sean Sandberg

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler Presentation

To show Hitler's leadership skills despite his atrocious actions towards humanity CARLOS CANALES
Justice Administration As a young boy i have always wanted to change the world for the better by cleaning up the streets making better for our future generations I expect to graduate in July 2015 which
should be 3 years Mark Bermudez Fatimah Abdulraheem
Communications I picked communication because it is the key to success. I will be graduating in July 2015 Influence Effective leader "What Germans did was to essentially define one population as superfluous and then take the most radical solution for the superfluous population", Positive Leadership Traits Determination “Although for some time the Strasser brothers, creators of the Nazi party in northern Germany, were more influential than Hitler in the party ranks, he gradually recovered the ground he had lost and ousted the Strassers. By 1930 he was the undisputed head of a considerable party”.( Hutchinson's Biography Database; 2011, p1, 2p) Introduction "KKK"- founded in 1866 "Aryan Brotherhood"- founded in 1964 "which is their wholesale elimination, their extermination and their murder". "It began ironically with the mentally retarded, physically disabled and emotionally disturbed". "And the "Final Solution to the Jewish problem" was designed to eliminate all Jews from the face of the earth” (Courage to Remember: Interviews on the Holocaust; 1999, p29-37, 9p) Good public speaker “The double shock of military defeat and economic humiliation had left many Germans prepared to listen to anyone who promised a better national future." Gerardo Guerrero
Justice Administration (Great lives from history: The Twentieth Centruy; September 2008, P1-4) Since I was a kid I've been wanting to become
a cop specially after I saw the movie S.W.A.T.
Also I've always wanted to make the community
safer and know I changed some ones life and being
a good role model. I want to become a Deputy Sheriff and get put as a gang unit detective. Strengths- dedication, integrity, and humility. strengths support I aspect to graduate in July, 2015
that's about 2 years and 7 months will never quit even still if I become successful I will still have my humility. always have trust within the people in my life The way my leadership skills would support me because no matter how hard things got I would stick through it. Improvements better listener being patient leadership qualities open mined Gerardo Guerrero
Justice Administration easy to talk to Since I was a kid I've been wanting to become
a cop specially when I saw the movie S.W.A.T.
I always wanted to make the community safer
and knowing that you changed someones life and
being a good role model. I want to become a gang unit detective for the sheriff department. friendly and assertive Since I was a kid I've been wanting to become
a cop specially when I saw the movie S.W.A.T.
I've always wanted to make community's safe and
know I changed someones life and be a good
role model.
I want to become a detective in gangs
and narcotics for the sheriff department. I can accomplish this by staying in control of my emotions Public speaking Fear of failing In my opinion my leadership strengths are that I’m committed and loyal. weakness Improvements Out spoken
Not allowing fear to control me References

Alan Bullock, B., Wilfrid F., K., & John, L. (2012). Hitler, Adolf. Britannica Biographies, 1.

Brockington, J. S., & William S. Brockington, J. r. (2008). Adolf Hitler. Great Lives From History: The Twentieth Century, 1

Adolf Hitler. (2011). Hutchinson's Biography Database, 1. My weakness is doing work and
then getting lazy when I lay down
or when I get tired. The way to improve my weakness I will do it
by staying active, and more outgoing. Hitler was born in Austrian Braunan in1889
He died in 1945 by taking his own life
He fantasized about becoming a artist or architect
He got rejected by the Academy of Art twice Klara Pölzl
Adolf Hitlers mother
Born in 1860 and died 1907
She was very caring and loving and she frequently took Hitler’s side when his father’s poor temper got the better of him.
Hitler was very attached to his mother and carried a picture of her were ever he went. Eva Braun
Adolf Hitlers spose and wife for less than 40 hours
Born in 1912 and died 1945
She lived a sheltered life through out WW2
She was a key figure within Hitler's inner social circle His goal was to bring up Germany from the great depression when they had been a weak and poor country to a strong powerful nation.
He was a former dictator of Germany during World War 2 How personal strengths can support success? How can they support success? In many ways like for instance, you need that inner strength & self confidence to gain as much success as possible. What are your personal weakness as a leader? Alois Hitler
Born in 1837 and died in 1903
He was a short tempered, brutal person
He didn't want Hitler to go down the same path as his brother so he beat Hitler brutally which was the reason Hitler hated him. My lack of confidence and the fear of failing. How are you going to improve on your weaknesses? By having more confidence in myself and realizing that failing is apart of life, you learn and take from it. Expected Graduation Completion?
I expect to graduate in July of 2015, which will be three years from now. ww1 Started in 1914 Assassination of
Archduke Francis Ferdinand in
June 28, 1914 Hitler wanted to take over Europe because
he thought he was just taking what belonged to
Germany. The Great Depression of the early 1930's resulted in the economic and political collapse of the Weimar Republic, Germany's post-World War I experiment in democracy. Adolf Hitler demonstrated his political skill in taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the depression. Define Your Leadership Qualities? Independent Passionate Motivated Willing to Learn Field of study? I chose Justice Administration Because I have always been intrigued with the law & the investigation aspect part of it. I want to learn the system and the essence of it This gave me a direction in life WW2 To go back to school & earn a b.a. in Justice Administration. Hitler joined the German army during the war and was injured during and received a medal. WW2 began in September 1 of 1939 Justice Administration How personal strengths can support success In many ways like for instance, if you have the inner strength and confidence in life, then success will be looking your way. Around this time Hitler & his troops had invaded Poland. A broadcast announcement had been made that the country was at war. Britain & France Declared war on Germany
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