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My Mother's Side of the Family

No description

Erika Jimenez

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of My Mother's Side of the Family

My Mother's Mom's Side of the Family (Plasencia)
WHO: My great grandfather Salvador Plasencia married my Great grandmother, Margarita at the age of 23, she was 17.
My great grandfather moved from Cocula, Jalisco with my great grandmother to Tijuana, Baja CA, in 1962. He had his own bakery in Sacto in 1968. During this time their were a large amount of hispanics in Sacramento. Families would often get together and go to Church and then watch soccer games on Sunday afternoons at the local parks. .
Present Day
My Roots;
by Erika Jimenez
Sacrifices made
He was forced to leave his family for 3 years.
He spoke very little english but worked hard to overcome it.
He worked 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
When presented with a great opportunity in Sacramento he had to think of his older children's wants & needs. A majority of his family stayed & did not follow the rest of the family to Sacramento, which was difficult.
Endurance ...
My immediate family consists of my parents, my sister and I. My Mom was born & raised in Sacto, CA. My Dad who was born in Mexico & came to the U.S. when he was 21 years old. When my mom met my dad he was working odd jobs for my mom's family’s business. He soon started working in a construction company. My dad has always been a hard worker and his efforts luckily have paid off. He is now part owner of a construction company.
Buisness is thriving and my great grandfathers children manage the store in his name and honor to this day.
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