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GIN System DG

No description

Jordan DeJarnette

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of GIN System DG

Logging in - as simple as 1,2,3! Step 1: Enter Delta Gamma under "organization name" Step 2: Select UT from the drop down box Step 3: Use your myDG info for your username and password (make sure your username is in email format) Editing Your Profile To edit your profile, simply click on "Edit my profile" on the menu bar at the top of the page! What's on my profile? Your profile is a place for other users to get info about you, such as what position you hold or what pledge class you're in There is also a section on
the page where you can add your class section numbers so other sisters find out if they
share any classes with you! GIN + Facebook The GIN system can also be integrated
into your Facebook for even easier access! Step 1: After logging into Facebook, type GIN System in the search box Step 2: Click on the GIN System link that has "Application" written below it Step 3: Underneath the GIN System logo will be a button that says "Go to application" Click this button Step 4: Step 5: Click on the "Allow" button Click on "Click here to add GIN" Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: In the search box enter "Delta Gamma" or "University of Tennessee" Find your organization and GIN System from the search results Enter your username and password (aka myDG username and pw) Click "Add" The GIN System Wall The GIN Wall is much like the wall on Facebook. It is a place for the chapter to communicate as a whole, where you can post everything from questions about meeting attire to information about an upcoming Fraternity philanthropy event! GIN Homepage Basics Announcements contain important, need to know information for the chapter. However, only GIN admins can post them! Announcements Events The events board is a quick and efficient way to keep up-to-date with upcoming Chapter happenings. GIN Homepage Basics Files Questions Files are a place to find important chapter documents, such as a clothing outline and sponsor form for recruitment. The questions box is a great tool to gather opinions to see how the chapter feels about a certain topic, event or situation. Only officers or admins are allowed to post questions, but all members are allowed to answer them. GIN Texting Groups One of the great things about the GIN system is the ability to get announcements and notifications right to your phone (provided you have filled in your phone number in your private profile)!
Also, individual texting groups make it easier to get info out to specific groups, such as an individual pledge classes or all members participating in All Sing. Now that we've covered all the basics... Any questions?
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