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YFU - Youth For Understanding

Organisation for Language Exchanges


on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of YFU - Youth For Understanding

Youth For Understanding YFU - Contact the Organization Welcome to U.S.A - Website Contacts to most countries - Telephone - E-Mail http://yfu.org/ Choose A Country Which Country? Leave Friends
and Family? What will happen? http://www.yfu.de/ Do you need a scholarship? Which organization? The YFU! Preconditions Why the YFU? The Fly - Lets go Pay the full price Ask for a scholarship http://www.yfu.de/ins-ausland-gehen/meldeformular 8.600,-€ To USA Interview Apply now No one will come to you Famous and coveted organization You can apply for a scholarship Why the YFU? You can choose your region be 15 to 18 Departure from late July to early September Arrival at home 1 year later English skills Make an English test averaged to good grades to be curious to be interested in new things When you are accepted it does not mean you have a scholarship ! You will have a scholarship ... If you have Luck ... establishment: 1957
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