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biowatts.org The Web Platform for Anaerobic Digestion Projects

Online marketplace for organic waste & energy crops, biogas calculators, GHG calculator, substrates database


on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of biowatts.org The Web Platform for Anaerobic Digestion Projects

The Web Platform for
Biogas Project “Take away organic waste & energy crops market barriers” Objectives Biogas calculators GHG calculator & Carbon credits Database of substrates Return on investment Calculator Ask the experts “Make science (AD models) available to the community so that technology can develop at faster pace” “Encourage more biogas projects” Calculators Organic feedstock marketplace Biogas projects Forum Kinetics Analyser Sellers and buyers can discuss their tradings through the platform's private messaging and decide when to disclose their respective contact to close the deal. Ask the community of scientists and biogas professionals Equipment Supply
Plant design
Plant construction
Site investigation
Training Sell Buy Giveaway Basic Users can contribute to extend the database More information exchange Buyers can use the biogas calculator to estimate the biomethane potential of the feedstock they want to acquire and foresee profits Uses a database of substrates and ultimate biomethane yields The platform uses a business rule engine that allows to implement the remuneration rules of each country and estimate return on investment (ROI). In collaboration with the IfaS in Germany and the Sichuan University in China, we are implementing a tool that calculates the green house gases emissions and carbon credits of a biogas project. Laboratories of analysis advertise for themselves in exchange of substrate data. Buyers can create listings for WANTED feedstock and receive notifications on new sellings at short spinneret. Sellers can advertise for their available feedstock by selecting a substrate in the database and periodicity (available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly...) Feedstock DEMAND and SUPPLY is shown on a map. Users can filter the listings by substrate type and distance to the plant. Study the influence of temperature and hydraulic retention time to find the best settings for your biogas plant Each project in Biowatts opens a topic Biogas projects are shown on a map Scientific models Biomethane production depends on temperature, hydraulic retention time (HRT), loading rate and volatile solids concentration of the influent.
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