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A Social Workplace: Using Yammer as a Collaboration Tool

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on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of A Social Workplace: Using Yammer as a Collaboration Tool

A Social Workplace - Topics
Features Available
Types of Social Collaboration
A Social Workplace:
Using Yammer as a Collaboration Tool

.... an Enterprise Social Network
What is Yammer?
Why Consider Yammer?
Free vs. Paid Yammer (Enterprise)
- Younger generation entering the workforce
- Keeping employees engaged
- Motivating and keeping your talent
- Maintaining open lines of communication
- Importance of corporate culture

Belinda Mercado
Deputy IT Director
City of Corpus Christi

Share Work in Groups
Setup groups
Share Announcements
Locate Files, notes

Share Knowledge
Post articles, share documents
Browse Member directories

Join the Conversation
Reply or "like" posts
Give/receive praise through praise function
Share conversations (email)
Post a poll to survey coworkers/gather feedback
Chat with your co-worker

Business using social channels to market, sell, and service directly to consumers

Internal employees using tools for team-based and community collaboration
Powerful channel for consumer marketing

---> Use social media to drive awareness
Sharing knowledge and best practices to enable team productivity

Collaboration tools = FUN
Founded in 2008 by David Sacks
Freemium business model that lets customers see the value of Yammer before upgrading to premium
Promotes organizational connectedness
Fosters team collaboration
Used by 85% of the Fortune 500
Used by more than 500,000 organizations worldwide
June 2012, Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2 billion
Tired of Email, little to no feedback

Share common interests amongst co-workers
Easy to implement
"Expose" water cooler talk
Ability to praise employees

Review Leaderboards
Identify influential co-workers
Review most messages posted, most followed, most replied to

Search for what you need
Establish your newsfeed (follow groups or co-workers)
Tag topics with a hashtag #
View ticker; what others are doing on Yammer

Setup groups
Monitor closely first 3-6 months
Lead by example
Write a policy
Engage City Management
Assign an administrator
Enterprise :
Free activation with Office 365 licensing (E1-E4)
Integrates to your Office 365; no separate login when logged into Office 365 email
Better administrative control and security over user accounts
Can add your city logo
July 2014, Moved under Office 365 division; David Sacks resigns
Recommendation ==> Stay with Free service, until more features available
Tips for Success
Yammer as a Free Service vs. Paid Service
Features of Yammer
Why consider use of Yammer?
What is Yammer?
Workplace of Today
Types of Social Collaboration
Rise of the Business Consumer

Consumer Melba

- Does not like email; checks infrequently
- Uses 20+ apps a day
- Loves social media
- Predominantly on a tablet
- Uses a smartphone to schedule appointments, check online status, receive text alerts
- Uses chat feature for services online
Have Fun!!
Features Available

Video on Social Collaboration
What are employees looking for today in the workplace?
--> challenge?
--> relaxed environment?
--> stability?
--> fun?

Workplace of Today
Meet Melba
Business Melba

- Always in Email
- Uses 4-5 software applications a day
- Always on the computer
- Uses paper documents at work
- Uses deskphone; have to check voicemail
Rise of Business Consumer
Reality Check:
Rise of the Business Consumer

Yammer in Action
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