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FDR's Death

No description

Marina Han

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of FDR's Death

Evan Brown, Marina Han, Isabelle Pankaew FDR Did Not Die of Natural Causes Time to uncover the mystery of one of America's greatest leaders... The Official Story Was It Really
a Cerebral Hemorrhage? FDR died April 12th, 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia
He passed out and by 4:35PM had died of a cerebral hemorrhage
He was 63 and in his 4th term as president
It was an untimely death given the circumstances
His personal physician was surprised, the death "came out of a clear sky" The Evidence The Conspiracy "Evidence" for Suicide:
first reports of his death claimed suicide
FDR's casket supposedly closed
Secret Service agents sent into military

Possible Reasons:
guilt over Western betrayal
had recently received news of the atomic bomb Time for a little skit... Surprise, Surprise...It's Not True. Or Is It? Psychology Time! the need for safety and stability
self-worth, agency, & locus of control
crises activate the amygdala to assess and make sense of threats
scapegoating: we like defined targets
cycle of grief: denial
confirmation bias, “backfire effect,” & belief perseverance Analysis Suicide or Assassination? The Conspiracy (continued) Death by Assassination? FDR hadn't recognized State of Israel


Churchill's spite reported headache during portrait
immediately lost consciousness
blood pressure 300/190
died 2 hours later
Dr. Howard Bruenn called Roosevelt's doctor in Washington, who confirmed his diagnosis and treatment Why it couldn't have been a shooting:
FDR was not alone...

Why it couldn't have been a Nazi:
symptoms don't match up with cyanide poisoning

Why it couldn't have been Churchill:
FDR and Churchill were quite close The End. Remember: make your own judgments.
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