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Review- Gods and Goddesses

No description

Kara Grossmann

on 26 April 2012

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Transcript of Review- Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses King of the Gods Areas of control: ????? Emblem: ???? Areas of Control: ????????????????? Emblems: ????? Married (but not happily) Frequently jealous of Zeus's infidelities,caused problems for his mistresses and illegitimate children. Brother to Zeus Areas of Control:??????? Emblem: ???? Usually not in a good mood. Generally bad-tempered and greedy. Area of Control: ??????????? Emblems??? Brother of Zeus, Poseiden, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia Areas of Control: ????????????? Emblems: ???? Peace-loving hippy Sister to Zeus, Poseiden, Hades, Hera, and Hestia Area of Control: Emblems: ???? Not a major player in Greek mythology Never left Mt. Olympus ALL SIBLINGS (AND HADES) Areas of Control: ?????? Emblem: ????? Zeus's favorite daughter She sprang fully grown from Zeus's head Twins Areas of Control: ?????? Emblem: ????? Areas of Control: ???????? Emblem: ????? Every morning he would drive the sun across the sky with his chariot. She ruled over nature and loved to hunt with arrows dipped in poison. Areas of Control:??????????? Emblem: ????? Known for his light-heartedness and helpfulness He was constantly traveling around the world to learn the secrets of wine-making. Areas of Control: ???????? Emblem: ????? Because he was an ugly and deformed child, his mother Hera threw him off Mt. Olympus He is kind and peace-loving. Area of Control: ????? Emblem: ?????????? He was very disliked, even by his parents
Zeus and Hera Engaged in hanky-panky with Aphrodite, even though she was married to Hephaestus Areas of Control: ?????????? Emblem: ???????? Married Engaged in "hanky-panky" on the side with Ares Areas of Control: ???????????????? Emblem: ??????????? Once stole Apollo's cattle but when caught, had to give him his lyre (a musical instrument) List of Gods and Goddess:
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