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Health students - 2016/17 & 17/18

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Transcript of Health students - 2016/17 & 17/18

Pre-reg Nursing, Nursing & Social Work, Midwifery & ODP students
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The next step
Student Funding
Easy search for funding information
NHS funding
The next step
Apply for student funding as soon as possible
Apply for student funding via:

Easy search for funding information
Information & Guidance through the Money Matters website
Maintenance Loan
(pre August 2017 entry)
Who can apply
When to apply
What you can apply for
NHS funding
(pre August 2017 entry)
The NHSBSA website
Handy tips
What you can apply for
Check the eligibility calculator)
Edge Hill Scholarships
Presently you could apply for:
Excellence Scholarship - worth up to £2,000.

Talented outside your studies?
Show determination, commitment & achievement outside your studies?
Sports Scholarship - worth up to £1,000 per academic year

Talented at sports?
Participate at competitive level?
During your first year you could also be nominated for:
Chancellor's Scholarship - worth up to £2,000
Adam Bell Scholarship - worth up to £2,000
During your first year you could also apply for:
On-Course Excellence Scholarships - worth up to £1,000
Rhiannon Evans Scholarships - worth up to £500
Sports Scholarships - worth up to £1,000 per academic year
Fees paid by the NHS:
(If you're eligible and once application is made and processed)
Non-Means Tested Grant
(Funding not dependent upon household income)

Means tested Basic Bursary
(Funding dependent upon household income)
Check the 3 NHS calculators)
Extra grants if you have special circumstances
Parents Learning Allowance
Dependents Allowance
Childcare Allowance (paper application)
Keep any receipts in a safe place to support your application
Disabled Students Allowance
Awarded subject to a needs assessment
that would need to be carried out
Online application via http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/students
Online application via

Reduced rate Maintenance Loan
(funding not dependent upon household income)

One rate if you live at a parental home &
Another rate if you live elsewhere

Funding for living costs


Who can apply?
View the NHS Student Bursaries Guidance Video
Maintenance Loan

Edge Hill Scholarships
When to apply
The Student Finance England website - Handy Tips
can apply
you can apply for
to apply
to apply
Check the 3 online calculators first (via the website above)
Read the guidance booklet and watch the guidance video (via the website above)
Have to hand - 2 pieces of evidence to confirm ID (one must be photographic) & your bank details
Create on online account through the above website and submit an application.
An additional Childcare Allowance paper form should be submitted if applicable
You'll be sent an email detailing paperwork that needs to be submitted with a cover sheet. Send this in (special delivery) with a special delivery self addressed envelope for return
If starting course in Sept 2016, deadline to apply and send in paperwork is 19th Aug 2016
If starting course in Apr 2017, deadline to apply and send in paperwork is 26th Feb 2017
If starting course in September 2016 & if you have an offer of a place on an NHS funded course, you can apply from early March 2016.
If starting course in April 2017 & if you have an offer of a place on an NHS funded course, you can apply from early October 2016.
Once assessed, you'll receive an email informing you of your Notification of Award (a breakdown of your entitlement) which can also be viewed through your online account
From September 2015
UCAS applications open. Once you've applied for your course, start thinking about student finance
Feb 2016
Apply for your Maintenance Loan online at www.gov.uk/studentfinance.
You don't need to have been made an offer of a place on course. Put down the course you hope to attend and at the university you hope to study. This can be changed later if needed
To make sure you get your money on time, apply for your Maintenance Loan several months before you start your course, to ensure you get your money at the start of term
Once assessed, you'll receive a Student Finance Entitlement letter which tells you the funding you can get. This can also be viewed online
You'll then be sent a 'Student Declaration Form' which you must sign and return
Have to hand, your passport OR birth certificate and accompanying form AND bank details
You can apply if you are under 60 at the start of your course AND
Meet the nationality and residency requirements
Personal eligibility calculator
(advises whether you're able to apply for fee support & funding to support with living costs)
- based on nationality & residency status

Student status calculator
(advises whether you'll be assessed on parents/ partner's or your own income)
- determined by whether you're classed as dependent or independent

Award estimate calculator (provides a rough estimate of the basic funding you may receive)
- based on household income considered
Basic funding for living costs
Applications usually open early 2016 and close end of May 2016
If you've already done a Degree/ Diploma in a non NHS subject, you should be entitled to apply for an NHS bursary and grant
If you've already done a Degree/ Diploma in a non NHS subject, you should be entitled to apply for a Maintenance Loan
Mark Flinn Scholarship - worth up to £500
(Below funding dependent upon household income and certain expenses)
Liverpool Scholarship - worth up to £3,000
Rewards prospective students living in Liverpool, who achieve the highest UCAS points
November 2015
- You may get offers from applications made to courses and may be trying to decide where you hope to study
Find the answer to your query
Student enquiry line
Easily accessible info & guidance for new students
Enquiry line
Submitting your application
Money Advice Team
Student Services

Reform of funding for NHS courses
The following information applies to health students commencing course from 1st August 2017. Further details will be released by the government in due course and detailed on our Money Matters pages :
Tuition Fee Loan offered

- not dependent upon household income and is
Maintenance Loan

- Students training for eligible courses may qualify for a Maintenance Loan (assessed annually to help with living costs) - an amount dependent upon household income This loan is paid termly and is
Additional Grants
Dependants' Grants -
Students who have a child or adult that depends on them financially, may qualify for additional support.
Non repayable
Disabled Students Allowance
- Students with a disability, including a mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty may be able to get extra help.
Non repayable

- Check the Edge Hill website for additional monies you may receive if you qualify for a scholarship.
Non repayable
(pre August 2017 entry)
(Post August 2017 entry)
Please note - Students already holding an honours degree who want to start a second degree in nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions will be able to apply for fee loans and living cost support for their course
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