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A Christmas Carol

No description

Rachel Wong

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of A Christmas Carol

Character Break Down

Proscenium stage
Full orchestra (orchestra pit)
Front Elevation
Large Christmas Tree with lights
Song books for carolers
Hand bells for charity men
Coins and bags of money
Crutches for tiny Tim
Large fake turkey for butcher and Scrooge’s gift to Cratchits
Large clock
Fake bed
Grave stones
Steam machine
Large rolling chair for Scrooge

Spot lights
Projection of snow behind the town scenes
Shark tooth scrim used for Scrooge and Marley's sign (The "& Marley" is behind the scrim and lit in the back; becomes transparent)
Lights with a blue hue
Scrooge's home
Time travel (make it seem "unreal")
Lights with a bright white hue
Scenes of joy
In town
The ending
Basic Lighting Design
Live full orchestra
Orchestra pit in front of stage
Lav Microphones (37)
Surround sound system
Basic Sound Design
Costume Design
Bob and Tim Cratchit
Thank You
A Christmas Carol
A cold-hearted penny pincher
Overcome with greed
Extremely pessimistic
Cares only of money
Chooses wealth over love
Visited by three ghosts
Learns how to be kind and giving

The Cratchit home
Scrooge's home
Reminds him of his childhood
(losing his father)
Annual Fezziwig ball
Fezziwig's were generous and filled with joy
How much he loved Emily
Sees Tiny Tim and his crutches
Watches Mr. & Mrs. Cratchit worry
Sees nephew Fred speak ill of him
Embarrassed and ashamed
The ghost of the future
Sees people take joy in his death
Old maid, Mrs. Mops, steal his clothing and curtains
Watches Mr. Cratchit and family mourn the death of Tiny Tim
3 Ghosts

Scrooge's old boss and his wife.
They hosted the annual Fezziwig ball
Very generous and kind
Jolly couple
Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig
Scrooge's love interest who leaves him because of his obsession with money and greed
Engaged and looking forward to marrying Scrooge
Didn't care about money
Cared about their love
Ebenezer's late banking partner
Now suffers in his afterlife for his being selfish and stingy
Weighed down with heavy chains
Comes back to warn Scrooge of his future
Jacob Marley
Bob Cratchit
Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit's ill son
Uses a crutch
Has metal braces on his legs
Kind and grateful for what he has
Ends up surviving
Tiny Tim
Scrooge's nephew
Kind to Scrooge and wishes him the best
Mocks Scrooge at the party
Generally has a pure heart
Welcomes Scrooge at the Christmas dinner
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebeneezer Scrooge
3 Ghosts
(Past/present/ future)

Worker for Scrooge
Father figure
Tiny Tim and siblings
Hard-worker and kind
Struggles to support his family
Kind: Does not wish ill upon Scrooge.
Grateful for what he does have
Emily/ Mrs. Fezziwig/ Mrs. Cratchit
Scrooge (& Marley's) Parlor
Light cotton night gown with matching cap
(Thin but opaque)
Extra (unrelated)

4 fixed track systems
Allows 3 ghosts and scrooge to fly as they "time travel"
Thin, whispy "cape" and dress
Cape: Thin, sheer, pastel yellow
Dress: White, cotton
White beard
Crown of flowers and leaves
Cornicopia stand
black leather belt
Pale green under dress
Dark green coat with sherpa lining
Deep red velvet wrap
Long, thin, charcoal grey costume
Classic black wool coat and dress pants
Black top hat
White cotton shirt with ruffles
Deep red vest
Red and green fleece scarf
Green fleece hat
wooden cane/crutch
Metal and leather leg braces
Light brown wool coat
Brown wool pants
All made of cotton
Blue and orange dresses have small flower patterns
Orange dress has a hoop below
Green dress has a small hoop below
As a young boy Ebenezer Scrooge loses his father, who was unable to pay his debts, to the jailhouse. In fear of making the same mistake, Ebenezer makes it his goal to save his money as a preventative measure. Though a hardworking and successful banker, Ebenezer's obsession with money makes him a cruel, stingy, cold, and lonely old man. Then, on Christmas eve, three ghosts (past, present, and future),remind Ebenezer that greed made him lose his beloved Emily, and show him how his inability to be kind or generous not only promises an after life of misery, but also leads to the death of Tiny Tim. The next day, Scrooge wakes up a new person and joyfully runs through the streets. With a new warm heart, Scrooge spreads his generosity by giving to charity, raising wages, and giving Tiny Tim the best Christmas possible.

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