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German Citizenship

No description

Philipp Mil

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of German Citizenship

The Road to Citizenship in Germany Structure 1. Introduction
1.1 Video clip
1.2 Cartoon

2. Requirements

3. Dual Citizenship

4. Statistics

5. General facts
5.1 Migration
5.2 Naturalisation test
5.3 Quiz

6. Discussion
7. Sources 1. Introduction 2. Requirements 3. Dual citizenship - at the age of 18 only one citizenship allowed
- exception: get the nationality by birth
- based on place of birth or descent from one parent German Citizen 2.1 Residency 2.2 Language 2.3 Knowledge - right of residence
- for 8 years in Germany
- 7 years with integration course
- ability to earn money for the family
without welfare
- no criminal activity - ability to write, speak and read
German - citizenship-test about German law- and socialorder 5. General facts 5.1 Migration 5.2 Naturalisation test 5.3 Quiz
- applicants, who want to gain German citizenship

- people who have a graduation in Germany
- older or handicapped people Who must take the naturalisation test? What does the test consists of?
- 33 questions
- topics: „Living in a democracy“ „History and responsibility“ and „People and society“
- 4 possible answers
- 60 minutes time
- pass the test if you answer a minimum of 17 questions correctly How often can the test be taken? - repeatable without limits
How can I prepare myself for the naturalisation test? - preparatory courses
- online test centre
- sample test paper become a German citizen in one of three ways:
- by birth
- by adoption as a minor
- by naturalisation 1.1 Video clip 1.2 Cartoon - since 1950 one of the most important destination countries for immigrants
- 15.7 million immigrants in Germany
-> 19% of the population
-> 7.1 million people without German passport
-> 8.6 million Germans with migration background How many federal states does Germany have?

A 14
B 15
C 16
D 17 The opposition in Germany's national parliament, the Bundestag, ...

A ... keeps a check on the government.
B ... decides who becomes a federal minister.
C ... decides who sits in the upper house of the German parliament, the Bundesrat.
D ... proposes the governors of the federal states. When do German citizens officially come of age?

A 16
B 18
C 19
D 21 People in Germany are allowed to openly criticize the government because …

A of religious freedom
B they pay taxes
C they have the right to vote
D of freedom of speech 8. Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_nationality_law#Dual_citizenship [26.01.2013, 16:00]

http://germany.usembassy.gov/acs/dual_nationality/ [26.01.2013, 16:20]

http://www.tatsachen-ueber-deutschland.de/en/society/main-content-08/immigration-and-integration.html [26.01.2013, 16:30]

http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/take-the-citizenship-test-could-you-become-a-german-a-564619.html [26.01.2013, 17:00]

http://www.faz.net/polopoly_fs/1.1448311!/image/849237566.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_full/849237566.jpg [26.01.2013, 17:30]
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