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Systems update for CM meeting

No description

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Systems update for CM meeting

Systems update

Desk.com standardisation
Questions or comments?
Next steps
UK customer services team - already live with Desk.com but keep informed
Wesel customer services team - go live 27 April
Rest of ESOs - go live May-June subject to plan approval
Amanda Russell - Group Marketing Systems Manager
Desk.com implementation update
Desk.com functionality update
Email notifications direct to relevant office
Enhanced webshop drip campaign - has generated over £5,000 of webshop sales
AB testing plan - to encourage more regular and structured testing
Pardot - recent developments
Do we have all the relevant data in Pardot?
To ensure campaigns are going to the right people
To help us prepare for Salesforce.com
John Luck has been in contact with you all
John will prepare a report with his findings and recommendations
Data audit
Currently (in IFS CRM):
Industry sector/business type (SIC codes)
Product interests
Mailing literature
Sales Cloud rollout
Ongoing support and training
Sales Cloud rollout
In addition to UK (live last March) we have achieved go live:
ATCC tech team and RM PM team - 30 January
Wesel customer services team - 27 April
Poland - 14 May
Spain - 16 June
HTML capability - due Aug-Oct
Address book - due by end of year**
Inline images - due Nov-Jan
Forwarding functionality - due by end of year**
Polish charcters - issue now resolved
Next Gen merging customers - live
Next Gen merging cases - due Aug
Aim: consistent use between the offices to enable comparable reports
Desk.com user group is operational
List of processes has been agreed
Consistency across custom fields
Question: Key account flagging?
Objective: To gain a full picture of our customer and prospect data - what we have, and where it is stored
Budget for licences is approved and held centrally
Segmentation workshop 14 July
Preparation and planning July - Aug
UK goes first - last week August (TBC)
Other offices come online one by one - in same order as Desk.com
From September onwards
Data - Propose to start with your key accounts and growth accounts
Users - Review lists of users to determine:
Daily users (field sales)
Occasional users (office based)
Need to agree segmentation basis for Salesforce - to meet the needs of the business
Segmentation should be consistent across Salesforce, Desk.com and Pardot
Pardot: Contact John Luck directly
Local super users should be consulted first
Then email Kathleen Lehnigk directly
We are planning a Sharepoint site to share all relevant documents
New users: complete form for training and set up
**Salesforce year end: 31 Jan 2016
Example graph from Tech Team - showing cases by case type
Example graph from Wesel team
Example graph from Poland
And the following is on schedule:
Italy - go-live 30 June
France - go-live 7 July
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