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Alexandria Santiago

on 6 December 2014

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Review of Related Literature
Figure 1. Frequently used OLRs
Figure 2. Ratings
Thesis Statement
More students prefer to use Online Learning References despite having countless disadvantages because it is hassle-free and more convenient.
Limitation of the Study:
Methodological Limitations
A survey was conducted at the Library of Mapua Makati for their research study but with lots of restrictions. First, the amount of period conducted for the survey, second, the absence of a research member for the said research study, third, the few amount of questions for the survey and fourth, the availability of the students surveyed. The survey was finished, but because of the exclaimed limitations, the research study made was far from being perfect.
Limitation of the Study:
Limitation of the Researchers
The research study would not have been finished without the survey conducted and the information gathered from the persons targeted by the study, which are the college students. The survey conducted was specifically aimed at the college students for a much trusted data based from their own experiences. The research study was done in a restricted amount of period but rest assured that the informations gathered are all according to place. The research group admits, however, that the research study is yet to be polished and therefore seeks professional help.
Qualitative type of research was used in this study. The researchers aimed to gather and collect data that helped in answering the different online learning references that the students of MIT makati frequently used in what aspect did the said ORLs lack. Furthermore, our research also aimed to know the various ways a student can contribute in the betterment of its over-all performance. To achieve the following, we were not only distributed questionnaires to respondents of the research but we were also interviewed respondents who were more familiar with the topic of our research. The respondents of the had been chosen at random among the students of MIT makati wherein we had a maximum of 30 respondents. The questionnaire that had given out contained questions that helped in the answering of our 3 research questions.
Background of the Study
Online Learning Reference (OLR) is the use of electronic media in education and a modern way to study for the students especially for the college students nowadays. Well, OLR began long ago but today, it is needed in the curriculum of the students. They need to practice on how to be a part of this generation and that is how to use the OLR well. It is also the same with the term E-learning.
Significance of the Study
The researchers of this study intend to tackle the current trend and the increasing demand of the use of Online Learning References (OLR) and its usefulness to universities and schools, specifically in our institute, Mapua Institute of Technology. Our research also aims to identify and decipher what OLR really means and how Mapua’s OLR differ from other schools’, its benefits and disadvantages, and how, as Mapua’s IT students, can contribute in the improvement of the over-all performance of our school’s OLR.
E-learning these days are growing bigger and bigger, most of the students prefer to use these things than being on a classroom.
One of the advantages of having a E-learning is that the student may find it suitable f or themselves to study in that kind of style, and for their researches online students can easily connect to the internet and take some references for them to study than to go to a traditional library this is related to our topic because here in MIT we are implementing the use of technology for our studies. (“Pro of Online Classes,” 2009) discussed that a study conducted by researchers at Valdosta State University found that students who favoured online learning tend to be independent learners.

The researchers conclude that the advantages and disadvantages of online learning references, as what the survey stated it is more reliable and dependent but there are still some concerns that needs attention so that these online learning references can be more useful.
Online Learning References is an inclusive word that defines educational technology that technologically supports learning and teaching. In Mapua Institute of Technology, OLR’s required to use by the students for them to pass a course or a subject. Students now a day is relying to the OLRs for them to pass their subjects which are very easy because they can cheat by only searching the answers through internet websites therefore, the objective of this research is to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Online Learning References. We want to know the OLRs quality and difficulty so we decided to gather and collect data. We also gave survey forms to the chosen 30 respondents. Based on the results of the surveys, 42% of the respondents said that they are bothered of the server’s frequent errors but it is still useful and fairly reliable. While 26% of the students who answered our survey said that it gives easy access to the information or announcements from the professors. Hence, 19% of them said it has a big advantage only for those who have their own computers and internet at home but not for those who hasn’t. However 7% of them said it is very helpful to them and it lessens their stress from going to school. 6% of them said sometimes they cannot do their activity due to the website’s frequent server downs. Implying these results, it is saying that the Online Learning References are very useful and very helpful for the students of Mapua Institute of Technology because of its very easy to access to begin their work however it should still be improved because of its frequent server errors that interrupts students to do their activities.
Review of Related Literature
Another advantage of having an online class is that the students can practice their self-control in doing their things as a students, they would know their responsibilities as a student and self-discipline is doing the task they are needed to do, with this idea we would know how important the willingness of the student to learn using the OLR it is obviously the students choice either to study using the OLR or use the books and notes than surfing the internet, (“journal of Information Technology,” 2007) claimed that students see time management which is under self-discipline as a disadvantage because of the time they need to complete in order to complete a certain online course this would include self-discipline.
Review of Related Literature
If there are advantages there are also some disadvantages of online learning. One is that it introduces laziness because it sort of encourages students to just stare at the computer which makes them more laid back and stress-free. One is they do not go outside to do extra-curricular activities. According to an article the biggest disadvantage of this online learning is that the one-on-one interaction that is found inside a classroom can’t be found in online learning. Another disadvantage is students that attends the online learning feels isolated, they feel like they have nowhere to go and they don’t want to as if they are less smarter than the other students who attend regular classes (“Disadvantages of online learning,” 2006) .
As shown in Figure 1, the most frequently used Online Learning References are Moodle at 41%, Canvas at 39%, Web Assign at 16% and the least used OLR, Net Acad at 4%. With Moodle at 41%, it is implied that it is the most used Online Learning Reference by the 30 respondents.
As shown in figure 2, 42% of the respondents rated the MIT’s OLR by 8 only because of the websites’ “frequent errors” but they said that most of the sites are “easy to use and fairly reliable”. Meanwhile, 26% of the students who answered our survey rated the OLRs 9 because it gives “easy access to the information or announcements from the professors”. 19% of them rated it a 7 because they said it has a big advantage only for those who has their own computers and internet at home but not for those who hasn’t. However 7% of them rated MIT’s OLR by 10 because they said it is very helpful to them and it lessens their stress from going to school. 6% of them rated the MIT’s OLR by 5 and 6 because they said sometimes they cannot do their activity due to the website’s frequent “server down’s”.
Research Question 2: What aspect does MIT – Makati lack when it comes to its Online Learning References?
Research Question 1: What are the different Online Learning References does MIT – Makati offer?
Research Question 3: As students of MIT Makati, how can we help improve the overall performance of our OLRs?
When the researchers asked the respondents what they can do as students to help improve the different OLRs, majority of them said that they would create a mobile application that will make it more convenient for the students to log-in a particular OLR anywhere, anytime. This, as they said, will help them access the OLR more frequently and be notified if something important was posted. Some also mentioned that Mapua should fix the minor problems of each OLR and allocate time for Makati and Intramuros when using these OLRs, especially Moodle, because the site cannot accommodate everyone resulting to server overload and time loss. Also, the respondents mentioned that the OLR needs more stability for the traffic of network.
Most of the respondents said that there are four mostly used ORL sites here in Mapua and that is the moodle, canvas, web assign and net acad, with these OLR sites they are able to do their assignments and quiz on the required time. Students who doesn’t have computers or an internet at home are said to be disadvantageous because they still need to go to their respective computer shops or go to school early just to do their assignments or quiz.
Some students rated it as a low mark because of students having no computers and internet at home they cannot fully use that online references at home for their assignments and any other school related stuffs and for the site that is sometimes always on maintenance or it is being repaired as a result they are missing the deadlines of their assignments and quizzes . Students also gave a high rating and it is because the online references are very easy to access and it also lessen them to go to school.
Respondents that the researchers have ask said the things that Mapua needs to fix when it comes to these online learning references, they suggested to have a mobile application for them to have an easy access when they need to it and to send them notification on their mobiles when there is an announcement made by their professors. Minor problems like server overload and stability of the network must be given more attention because not every students in Mapua can be handled and they believe that it will become more useful when it has a stable connection.
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