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Copy of Transformation of a Sales Team

With revolutionary services coming out at a high pace we need to change the way we train our sales professionals to ramp them quicker make them more competitive.

bokyoung kim

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Transformation of a Sales Team

Pursuit of Sales Excellence PSYCHOLOGY TEST Jacco van der Kooij Julia's Class common
test Psychology test is very common and popular.

But, this is inaccurate result. "unconsciousness" Introduction Q&A Start Finish choose a picture,
in 5 second choose a picture In Conclusion Result First personality test aptitude test HTP test What is psychological test?? Second, what is HTP? House-Tree-Person We do not have enough time,
so I will give you 2 minutes.
Please draw tree and house. first example second example third example DRAW Tree and House House Tree < Falling leaves >
Show off
Hard to control < Knot >
Trauma in childhood <Fruits>
Show off Jinkyu Lee
Junhuwi Kim
Huirung Yang
Bokyoung Kim Explaining your mental health <One sided wall>
Not thoughtful < Did not finish drawing lines>
Impractical Protective High potential <Emphasis on root>
: Immature <Horizontal root>
: Lack identity Thick trunk?
: High energy One line trunk?
: Powerless,
indecisive <Smog>
:conflict among family <Forest>
: Self-protective <Flower & Pond>
: Immature <No door knob>
:Fear of outside and self-protective <Many windows>
: Open-mind <Curtain>
: Nervous about environment <Big roof>
: Impractical <Detailed roof>
: Perfectionist Immature We are not perfect This test cannot reflect everything about you Are you ready for the result? Your drawing does not exist!!!
Ask us after presentation. Pursuit of Sales Excellence First, Psychological testing

Second, HTP Test
Conduct a test with you

Third, Results of your HTP Test Jacco van der Kooij Index SCIENTIFIC FACTS (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr Source of Information Trunk branch Root
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