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Donatello & Raphael

No description

Keith Radford

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Donatello & Raphael

Donatello & Raphael
By: Keith & Konrad

The differences
The similarities
Both Donatello and Raphael where apprentices to more experienced painters when they where younger.
They both worked as artists in Italy.
They are both part of some of the four best artists in the Renaissance. The other two are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
They are both left handed artists, which isn't common.

Features of art during the Renaissance
Frescoes in churches were becoming popular.
Oil paintings came in and changed painting forever.
Many paintings expressed individualism without subjects of religion.
Roman sculptors also made a comeback.
Realism was applied to art to make the painting look as real as possible.
Changes to painting and sculpting during the Renaissance
Before the Renaissance, art was mainly dark and devoted to God.
Art was also very one dimensional before the Renaissance.
Even though God and religion was still popular in art, there was more humanism involved.
Art had a much larger focus during the Renaissance.
Sculpting became superior over paintings, and more time was spent on perfecting sculptures.
Over all Donatello and Raphael are very similar yet very different people. While Raphael focused on art for churches, Donatello's art was just art with stories. Also lots of changes happened to art during the Renaissance like the popularity of sculpting increasing and frescoes becoming more popular.
Donatello did marble sculpture art.
Donatello did lots of people art and
all around arts.
Donatello's art was just art with mainly
no meaning or story.
Donatello did a little bit of nude art.
Donatello used bright vibrant colours.
Raphael did frescoes and other paintings.
He mainly did religious art for churches.
Raphael's paintings had more meaning
and stories.
Raphael did lots of nude paintings.
Raphael used softer colours for Realism.
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