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Circle 8: Canto 27

No description

Careigh Bernard

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Circle 8: Canto 27

Canto 27: Circle 8-Pouch 8
Carleigh Bernard

-Virgil and Dante head down the path again after talking to Ulysses.

-Another flame-immersed soul stops them who lived in the Romagna region

-He hears Dante speak the Lombard tongue and asks him about Romagna

-Dante tells him that they aren't doing well because of violence and tyranny

-Dante asks what the soul's name is and he tells him that he is Guido da Montefeltro

-Montefeltro tells his story and how he got to this place in Hell.

-After he tells his story, Montefeltro is distraught adn leaves

-Dante and Virgil then leavee by crossing the bridge into the next pouch.

Guido da Montefeltro-
Da Montefeltro began as a Ghibelline and then became a friar.He soon became the advisor to Pope Boniface VIII.As the Pope's advisor he was promised anticipatory absolution if he gave the Pope advice to capture the fortress of Palestrina.But this advice turned out to be incorrect. Once he had died St.Francis tried to get him but the devil got him first and said that the Pope's absolution was not enough. Minos took Guido da Montefeltro and sent him to the Eighth pouch of the Eighth circle.
Sicilian Bull- This is a metal bull that is used for torture. It tortures by puttng people inside of it until they had roasted to death. THis was constructed by Perillus of Athens for Phalaris. It also was known for making werid noices from the screams of the victims. Dante uses it to compare the noices of it to the noices the fire-immersed souls made.
Allusions cont.
Minos- He is the creature in Inferno that judges where the sinners should be placed. He is a demon that wraps his tail around the sinners the number of times that matches the circle they will be in. Dante has him in this canto because he is the one that determined where Montefeltro was placed.
Sin and Punishment
Sin: Evil/false counselors

Punishment: The sinners are individually immersed in a flame.
Allusions cont.
This is the innocent Christian family that Pope Boniface is against and wants revenge against.They are the ones that have opposed him and wanted the old Pope back. They are the ones that Guido stabbed in the back and gave Pope Boniface VIII advice to take them down.
My Visual

.."would always bellow with its victim's voice,so that, although that bull was only brass,it seemed as if it were pierced through by pain;

so were the helpless words that, from the first had found no path or exit from the flame,transformed into the language of the fire."
(Canto 27, Lines 10-15)
The Quote
For my canto, I chose to make the metaphor of a burning fire. I chose to draw a brass fire pit that is supposed to represent these souls being immersed in fire.Just like the Sicilian Bull, they are stuck in the fire and roast to death. In this fire pit it shows the words of the souls that have no way to exit from the fire, just like the kindling is roasted and burnt in the fire. In my metaphor, the soul's words are "transformed into the language of fire," as the words travel up in the pit and turn into flame. Also in my metaphor I drew people standing out and around the fire talking and standing in the nice green grass. They are free to speak and have happiness.This is supposed to be representing Heaven.
My Visual
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