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Guinea Pigs

History of Guinea Pigs

Alex Clarkson

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs History Guniea pigs before the Europeans found them could only be founded in the Andes Mountains since that is where they lived and still live.
Guinea pigs were wild at first on the Andes Mountains initial the Incas came and stated to bread them for food although there were still wild guinea pigs just not as many as there use to be.
Guinea pigs were sacrifices to the gods and as dinners for the Incans at first they did this for 5000 years. Still where the wild guinea pigs are today which is still the Andes Mountains the people there still bread and eat them to this day. Then the Europeans came and took over the Incans home land and thought they looked cute so they sent them back to Europe as a luxury. The Guinea part of their name is most likely there because the sailors sold them for one Guinea which was a lot back then. Now people do not what guinea pigs as much as they did more then hundred years ago. Since people liked them so much back then there history of being fun pets have made people want to have them for many hundreds of years all the way to the present day. That is why guinea pigs are as popular as they are today. Bibliography
Then when they came to Europe they became a hit and everyone wanted a guinea pig as a pet and they would go for high prices and because of this a lot of people stated breading them for the money.
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