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Many Copies: Media Hybrids

adapted for Mona Lisa Overdrive

Julie Levin Russo

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Many Copies: Media Hybrids

Mona Lisa Overdrive
Media Hybrids
[by bud caddell]
"The phenomenal success of The Resistance proves that there is a definite audience for webisodes that can have an impact on TV viewing"
(Craig Engler, SYFY.com VP)
The notion that just because it's on your computer as opposed to your television set... is an absurd position for [the AMPTP] to take, but, you know, if they can pull it off, they're at the moment of a watershed change of how your media is delivered to you. Your television and your computer are going to become the same device within the foreseeable future.
SyFy / 2003-2009
"the shape of things to come"
additional parents:
. . .
additional parents:
official website
user-generated content
fan films
[from] Latin hybrida... offspring of a tame sow and wild boar... A few examples of this word occur early in 17th cent.; but it was scarcely in use till the 19th. [Definition:] The offspring of two animals or plants of different species, or (less strictly) varieties; a half-breed, cross-breed, or mongrel.
via http://oed.com.bay.evergreen.edu
this alternative approach to adaptation study does not approach adaptations as either transcriptions of canonical classics or attempts to create new classics but rather as illustrations of the incessant process of rewriting as critical reading.
- Leitch (16)
hybrids, evolution
genetic engineering
readerly writerly
adaptation has never been a process of retelling but a process in which stories are transformed and evolved in exchange across media. Today’s spreadable media, therefore, extend from a much longer history in which entertainment culture has been generated and regenerated over time and across production contexts.
- Johnson
"The Evolution of Hollywood's Dinosaurs"
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