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Family Tree

No description

Chris Vargas

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree By Chris Vargas Key = Marriage =Children Consuelo Vasquez
Born April 24 '52
Owned a small Mexican catering company Pablo Vargas
Born aug 11 '34- Died april 19' 99 Eunice Weckesser
Born July 26, '82 Wayne Weckesser Wayne "Lil' Wayne" Weckesser
Born Nov 23 '07 Jasmyne Creppel
Born Oct 20, '01 Daniel Romero Pedro Gutierrez Saul canales Abigail Romero
Born March 8 '96 Pedro Giovanni Gutierrez
Born July 4 '98 Sarah Vasquez Yesenia Lockhart
Born July 16, 1979 Monica Canales
Born November 12 1974 Kearstyn Creppel
Born March 3 '00 Leallian Weckesser
Born Augut 20 '04 Jose Luiz "Junior" Vasques
Born Sept 21 '70
Remodels houses Randolph Vargas
March 7 '79 Noemi Vasques
Born Feb 28 '92 Nympha Vasques Jose Luis Vasquez
Born Oct 22, '49- July 1, '08
Worked as an executive chef Byron Lockhart Dania Ernestine
Born Sept 2, '97 James Ernestine Francia Vargas
Born March 7' 42 Cynthia Vargas
Born May 30 '72 Alexandra Kay
Born Jan 13' 77
Dentist Craig Kay Sophia Kay
Born May 10, '04 Eric Vargas
Born Sept 12 '72 Veronica Vargas Kimbery Vargas
Born March 23, '97 Laritza Vargas
Born Nov 17, '95 Eric Jahziel Vargas
Born June 16, '93 Charles Vargas
Born July 31, 69 Raquel Vargas Ruth Vargas Married Feb 2, '91 John Vargas
Born August 7, '68
Apple Executive Christopher Robin Vargas
Born March 11, 96 Anthony Jacob Vargas
Born Oct 11 '93 Chad Creppel
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