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Copy of g


MJ Mendoza

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of g

Interview with the Guidance Counselor of
Highway Hills Highschool VISION
Through education, the city of Mandaluyong will become firm, prosperous, productive and God-loving people that will cherish their beloved country, having unity freedom and achieved dreams in a qualified lifestyle. Florencia C. Domingo
Superintendent Head Department of the Schools in the City of Mandaluyong RITA E. RIDDLE


ROSARITO SEPTIMO DIVISION STAFF SCHOOLBOARD LEADERS OF MANDALUYONG CITY The Branch of the School of Mandaluyong City will possessed a good pathway to qualified Basic Education having a purpose of providing the needs of learning, exercises and good values to all the students for them to be able to raise a country with morality. Mission Supervisors ALMA D. DIVINA





VENERANDA A. RAZ - Ingles, Preschool
Filipino,Heograpiya,Kasaysayan at Sibika
-Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan
-Edukasyong Pagpapahalga at Pamamatnubay
-Edukasyong sa Pagpapalakas, Pangkalusugan at Isports
-Musika, Sining at ALS
-Tapag-ugnay EPP
-Purok I
-Purok II -Administrative Officer III
-Supply Officer II
-Palnning Officer II
-Records Officer
-Acting Personnel Officer
-Cashier II
-Acting Legal Officer RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. Acquiring Students
• All the children with the right age to study are accepted.
 Grade 1 – 6 yrs. of age in the month of June of a certain school year.
 Photocopy of Birth Certificate
 Kinder Certificate
• Transferees are accepted through their Form 138(report card) with the signature of their principal.
• The returning of classes have the same process in the enrollment.

2. During Classes
• There must be enough no. of school days attended which are scheduled by the DepEd throughout the school year.
• The first day of classes of the school must be attended.
• Enter the school on the right day and time. 3. Absents

• There must be a permission from the teachers in making absents.
Bring a letter with the signature of the parent or guardian.

• The ten consecutive absents without any acceptable reasons will cause the students to be dropped from the student’s list.

4. Tardiness

• A 15-min late will be marked as absents. He/she must get an admission slip in the Guidance room and give it to the teacher.

• A 3 times late will cause to reject the student if their parent will not accompany their son/daughter. PURPOSES
1.To provide experiences of knowledge to add learning to the students for them to be aware.
2.To enhance their skills as preparation for the coming creative, clean and useful activities.
3.To provide primary knowledge, exercises and values for a personal improvement and preparation in becoming a good citizen.
4.To improvise and raise his/her love toward his/her country. Teachings
Giving an importance or focus in reading, writing, counting, high quality of thinking and right attitudes.

Showing one’s importance to his/her fellow student as a start of molding good values, self discipline, cleanliness, thriftiness, honesty and punctuality. 2.1 When typhoon warning signal no. 1 is raised by PAGASA, classes at the preschool and elementary levels shall be automatically suspended in all public and private schools.

2.2 When typhoon warning signal no.2 is raised by the PAGASA, classes at the preschool, elementary , and secondary shall be automatically suspended in all public and private schools.

2.3 The automatic suspension of classes also applies to all public teachers since they shall be required to hold make-up classes in lieu of the suspended classes.

2.4 The superintendent shall decide on the suspension of classes if such covers the entire division.

If the suspension is for the specific school only, the school principal or head shall decide on the matter.

2.5 The suspension of classes should be announced by the Undersecretary for Regional Operations, or in his absence, the Regional Director.

2.6 The announcement of suspension is 4:30 am for morning classes and 11:00 am for afternoon classes by means of broadcast media. II. Suspension of Classes ( DepEd Order No. 59, s. 2003)
The local chief executive and the head of the schools has the right to suspend the classes if the safety of the students are at risk due to heavy rain, earthquake and other calamities.

g. Violation in Order no. 2002- 090 that prohibits smoking.

h. Violation in order no. 03 that prohibits littering.
i. Violation in Order no. 2001-074 Reminders: 10.2 Sanctions for Violations a. First offense- Oral Reprimand or warning
b. Second offense-Referral to the Guidance Counsellor
c. Third offense- The offender shall be brought to the principal’s office. 10.3 Major offenses The following are considered as Major Offenses:
a. Cutting of classes
b. Cheating during exams
c. Threatening fellow students
d. Stealing
e. Fraternity or sorority involvement
f. Vandalism
g. Disrespect for persons in authority
h. Causing harm to fellow student
i. Possession of harmful weapons
j. Smoking and using of prohibited drugs
k. Bringing to school indecent materials.
l. gambling
m. Wearing of earrings for male students. Uniform 5. Uniform

5.1 Attending classes everyday wearing proper uniform. Complete uniform is composed of what the parents, teachers and principal had agree with.

5.1.1 Black shoes with white socks
5.1.2 I.D 6. Examinations 6.1 Periodical Examinations
4 Periodical tests are given for the whole school year to test the knowledge of the students.

6.2 Other Examinations

6.2.1 Pre-test – It is given at the beginning of the school year.

6.2.2 post-Test – It is given at the end of the school year. 7. Grading System 7.1 Regulations
7.1.1 Emphasizing the ability of the students by means of:
• Periodic test
• Written Test

7.1.2 The percentage of Periodic test is 25%

7.1.3 Another source s of 75% is the following:
• Short test
• Class participation
• Homework
• Project

7.1.4 The percentage of each periodical test from 1st to 4th grading is 25%.

7.2 The grading system is done by means of averaging.

7.3 The grades will be listed in one numerical.

7.4 75% is the passing grade

7.5 Below 75% is the failing grade. All possible actions shall be performed by the teacher to help the student. If there are no changes, the student will be given a grade of 65%. Report Card
The progress Report Card shall be given in the end of each period. This shall be shown and signed by the parent or guardian.
Parents should give importance to the content of the report card and take appropriate actions if the grades of his child are unsatisfying.
9.1 Graduating honor students will be awarded with First Honor, Second Honor, and Third Honor.
9.2 Honor Students will be chosen based on the following:

Basis Remarks
Academic Performance 7
Co- curricular activity 3
Kabuuan 10 9. Selection of Honor Students
( DepEd Order No. 6 S.2005) 10.4 Sanctions or Disciplinary actions a. Interviewing parents or guardian

b. Suspension for not more that 3 days.

c. School separation Services INDIVIDUAL INVENTORY SERVICES
Deals with the collection of extensive information about the individual for proper understanding, decision making and placement.
The Counselor with the help of the advisers update the record of the pupils especially the transferees in the individual folder.

Involves personal interaction between a counselor and counselee/s to enhance the intrapersonal and interpersonal development and competencies of the pupils.
Guidance counsellors conduct individual or group counselling sessions and referrals

This provides a system of disseminating information through various methods and programs to assist pupils in their personal adjustments and educational competencies.

The office administer diagnostic, achievement and other specialized tests to all pupils and students.

This comprises the appraisal of how counselees who had been counselled, placed, referred or graduated are doing and if additional assistance is necessary MRS. VIVA D. CARREON
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