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Live to be Restored Social Media Plan

No description

Cierra Allen

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Live to be Restored Social Media Plan

Live To Be Restored
Adult adoptees are currently under served
Adoption professionals ability to help is limited
Prospective Adoptive Parents often don't consider long-term
Lack of national and local online resources
Filter to find adoption related content on the web
Aggregate content, review and then share
Inspiration springboard for blog posts or other content you create
Netvibes Recommendations
Aggregate content about adoption using key word searches
Review Netvibes content regularly (daily)
Share relevant content through Facebook, Twitter and/or blog
Twitter Recommendations
Tweet often
Following other organizations
choose a # (hashtag) and use it in every tweet
ex. #adoptee
Listen to what's going on in the world, in real time.
Tweet and retweet whats important now/ in the moment
Share content, photos, and events
Strengthen connection to fans
Showcase LTBR brand personality
Attract fans to website, twitter and blog
Facebook Recommendations
24 hour rule (response time)
Post content using Netvibes
Connect with local adoption experts and organization
Keywords in posts
Set target goals, measure progress
discuss important issues
share personal stories and opinions
blog for adult adoptees
blogroll for adoption community
Blog Recommendations
Blog 1 x week
Include pictures or video in each blog post
Keywords in title, headings, captions, and body of post
Tag each blog post w/ keywords
Set goals for readership and follows, measure progress through Google Analytics
scan to connect to website or display information
hyperlink from real world to digital or link among digital spaces

QR Code
Print on business cards
Include in presentations
Use on print publicity
Offer information about LTBR
Link LTBR to interactive social web
Website Recommendations
Post mission statement
Create a bio page
Link to resources & social media
Keywords for menu and headings to help google search find you
Record and share video content about adoption
"How-To" tutorial videos will help with new developments in social media
Core Elements
of LTBR Brand
Points of Difference
Personal experience

Committed to Adult Adoptees

Focus on healing
build trust
learn & teach
If all the information on the web is like the water running through the city water pipes, then Netvibes is like the water faucets in your home. The water is constantly moving around the system, but you take only what you need when you need it.
provide ground support for local adult adoptees through community and online resources

promote and amplify impact of support group through social media and website

de-stigmatize discussions by providing an open public forum for adult adoptees

create an informal referral network to identify local practitioners
Key Issues

No Support Group available

Adoption Discussions leave out adult adoptees

Adult adoptees can’t find help from experts
what people are doing
what people are thinking about
You Tube
Create video-blog 1 x month
Use keywords in title and comments about video
Open YouTube channel to public
collect "how-to" tutorials
QR code
created October 2013
for Kathy Schweitzer

by Cierra Allen, Maia Dauner, Brian Herro, Srinija Machavarapu and Karthik Narayanan
Social Media
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