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English: Health and self-esteem ISP Presentation

No description

Marissa Vettoretti

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of English: Health and self-esteem ISP Presentation

Health and Self-Esteem What is health? How the subjects of health and self-esteem tie into my ISP novel What is
-The New Lexicon Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language~Canadian Edition
-Reasons to Be Happy, Katrina Kittle
-Cutting and Self-Malnutrition-When teens ingure themselves (written by Kathleen Winkler, pulished by Enslow Publishers,Inc. in Berkley Heights, NJ in 2003)

-www.medicalnewstoday.com (April 23rd, 2008)
-www.helpguide.org (written by Melinda Smith, M.A and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D, published October 2012)
-http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk "The state of fitness of the body or of the mind." ~Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary Mental and Physical Health -Marissa Vettoretti Physical Mental The well being of your mind. The well being of your physical body. The physical condition of the body

-physical appearance
-how your body is able to function (eg. high blood pressure will make it harder for your heart to function) how you think how you feel
(emotion wise) The effects of low self-esteem Quick summary "One's good opinion of one's dignity or worth" -Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary How someone values themselves How they feel about their physical appearance How they feel about their life "ugly" "too fat" "too skinny" "not good enough" "not talented enough" "not smart enough" "not popular enough" Low
Self-Esteem Moderate/High
Self-Esteem Happy with who you are Mental Illness Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Self harm Depression Emotional form Sources becomes depressed from Illness develops illness because the victim is depressed What is it?
-putting yourself in harmful conditions only for the purpose of being hurt What is considered
Self-Harm? How common is this? cutting burning hitting pulling hair picking skin/
reopening wounds bone breaking multiple piercings/tattoos for the purpose of pain drinking harmful
chemicals -1 in 10 will will/have self-harmed at least once at one point in their life "We know that a lot of people do not seek help after self-harm. Some types of self-harm, like cutting, may be more secret and so less likely to be noticed."
(Royal College of Psychiatrists) Why do people have these illnesses? addiction
(why they continue to harm themselves) the pain is easier for the victims to feel than their emotions Way to punish themselves:
-for who they are
-for what they look like dislike themselves/the way they look they think they will lose weight
(bulimia and anorexia) What is Anorexia? Psychological disorder over excessive dieting
-eating very little (if at all) in fear of becoming fat over-use of dieting pills. intense fear of gaining weight Symptoms dramatic weight loss severe mood swings brittle nails growth of fine hair all over body and face tooth decay dizziness headaches FUN FACT! Bulimia does NOT make a person lose weight. What is it? Psychological disorder eating or binging (over eating) done purposely to throw up or to avoid gaining weight. purging (throwing up purposely) Symptoms malnutrition puffy "chipmunk" cheeks discoloured/grey teeth calluses/scars on knuckles *not underweight swelling of hands and feet hoarseness broken blood vessels in eyes ruptured lungs/esophagus How the novel relates to my topic Reasons to be Happy
-Katrina Kittle -Hannah
-Moves to Private School
-Feels ugly compared to gorgeous, model-like classmates
-Develops low self-esteem
-Develops Bulimia
Main Problem:
Hannah is dealing with bulimia It is Hannah's low self-esteem that made her develop bulimia bulimia is the health issue that she is dealing with mental illnesses are developed from the state of your mind any diseases developed concerning physical health will physically be present on/in the body "'I look like a circus freak! I couldn't create internal heat anymore. Your body tries to protect you, so it grows fur.'"(Kittle,113). "'All of this is your salivary glands. They're swollen. They're desperate. They're working overtime to absorb any bit of nutrition from you at all before you puke it up." (Kittle,117). The swelling often causes the person to look more overweight than they did before they developed bulimia.
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