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Course Topics BP 20.9.2012

No description

Astrid Palm

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Course Topics BP 20.9.2012

Writing Academic
Writing Course Topics Thesis statements practice writing Manual of Style
(Specific Style Formats) Using citations
and crediting sources Cultural considerations research techniques bibliography formats writing coherent
paragraphs defining a
target audience phrasing
arguments CVs, résumés, and cover letters layout considerations elaborate
language style using action verbs How to market ones skills researching job ads case studies Functionality employing rhetorical
devices surveys and survey letters Defining a research objective phrasing clear and
relevant questions addressing the
target audience synthesizing and summarizing facts grammar revising techniques formalities facts long explanations technical
terminology publication scientific
language personal touch small audience corporate language development of
a central theme choosing the right media Informing,
entertaining finding a conclusion thesis paper formal specific rules focus on form flexible objective
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