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Schlumberger Training

No description

أحمد موريس

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Schlumberger Training

Surface Well Testing Drillstem Testing Well Testing Segment Ahmed Magdy Islam Fahmy Maurice Testing Data Acquisition Training Summary Overview Reservoir Size Fluid Types Production Potential Subject Reservoir to a Pressure Disturbance Drawdown Buildup Changing
Flow Rate Slip
Joint SHRV Gauge
Carrier Tester Valve Hydraulic
Jar Safety
Joint Hydraulic
Hold-Down IRDV Retrievable
Packer Operation Sequence Slip Joint Change In Pipe Length Spotting the Cushion Production Shortening Elongation SHRV Safety Joint Tester Valve Packer Hold-Down Hydraulic Jar IRDV Gauge Carrier Once Opened, Can't Be Shut A Backup Reversing Valve Reverses Out Well Effluent Uses Low-Intensity Pressure Pulses Contains Two Valves Tester
(Ball) Circulating
(Sleeve) Overview Also Known AS DGA Can Hold Up To 4 Gauges TFTV Second Solution
After Over Pull Provides Impact Force in Case of being Stuck Last Resort In Case of A Complete Stuck 3 Shear Pins (1800-2200) Prevents The String From Moving Uphole Compliments Packer (FlexPac) FlexPac PosiTrieve PTV Flowhead ESD Surface Safety Valve Burner Burner Oil Manifold Pumps Seperator Steam Exchanger Tanks Choke Manifold Sand Filter Gas Manifold Left Rotation Contains Four Main Gate Valves Master Kill Line Flowline Swab Two Basic Funtions Control Well Support String Flowhead SSV Second Safety Barrier After Flowhead Hydraulically Controlled Spring Gate Valve (Normally Closed) Controls Actuators (Flowhead & SSV) Emergency Shutdown High-pressure pilots for plugged flowline The low-pressure pilots for leaks Dual-Pot Sand Filter 60 ft Propane Oil Water Air Gas Boom Reduces Heat Radiation on the Rig Usually 2 Booms in Case of Wind Change Could be 60 or 85 feet A Continuation To Attain Required Data For Client Control pressure and flow rates at the surface Meter the fluids and collect surface fluid samples Dispose of the resulting fluids in an environmentally safe manner. Each Pot has a Screen (100 - 200 - 400 Micron) Has 5 Manual Gate Valves Four Manual Gate Vlaves Adjusts Flow Rates Two Types of Chokes Adjustable Fixed Choke Manifold Heater Decreases Foaming Effect Prevents Formation of Gas Hydrates Decreases Viscosity of Oil Helps in Seperation of Gas, Oil & Water Adjusts Effluent to seperator Conditions 3-Phase Seperator Seperates Oil, Gas & Water Has One Inlet and three Outlets Gas Manifold Acts as a T-Connection Diverts Gas to one of Two Burners Oil Manifold Diverts Oil to Tanks then to one of two Burners Two Inlets and Three Oultes One Inlet and Two Outlets Pumps A- Diesel Pump C- Transfer Pump B- Diaphragm Pump Tanks A- Gauge Tank B- Surge Tank Non-Pressurized (Atmospheric) Pressurized Can't Be Used with H2S Can Be Used With H2S Both Onshore & Offshore Onshore Only Both are used to meter Oil Both are used to Store Produced Liquids Burners A- Green Dragon B- Spitfire
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