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A Speech to Gain Goodwill

No description

baylee hunt

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of A Speech to Gain Goodwill

What is a speech to gain goodwill?
used to gain public support
informative and persuasive
a club or group asks a representative to tell an audience about the club's activities and what they're about
highlights values, customs, beliefs and morals of a certain group or person
causes listeners to understand and appreciate the group being talked about
"a very subtle or indirect sales talk"
How to give a speech to gain goodwill
1. Introduce what you represent
2. Establish your credibility on the topic
3. The history of your cause/club and how it came to be
4. Your mission, what your cause/club aims to do
5. You may include how your cause/club betters the community; community service, how you've given back
a college rep comes to a high school
the army gives a speech at a student assembly
PETA explains to a group what they're about
A Speech to Gain Goodwill
by Cha and Baylee

"The Speech to Secure Goodwill-Boundless Open Textbook"-Boundless.com, December 8, 2014
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