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No description

Anup Sagoo

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Moodboard

Red traditionally in China is
the colour of happiness and
luck however it can also be
perceived romance and love.
Also in relation to blood being
the colour red it can also be
related to anger and danger. Purple may be portrayed as the
colour of royalty. It symbolizes
nobility, luxury and ambition
hence has the ability to convey
wealth. It may represent wisdom,
dignity and independence and
similar to black, it can also be
portrayed as mysterious BLACK – Black is a mysterious
colour which is why it may
represent power, evil and death.
Black denotes strength and
authority hence may also relate to
formality and elegance. As a very
bold colour it has the ability to
enable a viewer to feel perspective
and depth. BLUE – As the colour of the sea
and sky are both blue it can
symbolize infinity and serenity.
It may also represent
confidence and cleanliness.
Alternatively it may also be the
colour of depression and
sadness. WHITE – As opposed to black,
White can be portrayed as
innocence, light and purity. It is
considered to be the colour of
perfection. It may also
symbolise coolness and
cleanliness. Light Blue can be represented
as calm, peace, relaxing nd may
also relate to a relaxing season
and environment such a
summer and the beach. It may
be observed as soothing colour. Green may signify nature which
can lead on to the season of
spring; this may also suggest the
idea of growth, clean, fresh air,
prosperity. However, it may also
relate to negative feelings such as
ego, jealousy and envious. Yellow is associated with the sun
therefore can be described as cheerful
and happy, in relation to the sun it may
also be associated with the season
summer. As it is a bright colour, yellow
is an easily eye catching colour. It may
also be considered a colour which
signifies happy occasions and events
such as the beginning to a new friendship/relationship. Orange is considered a warm
and vibrant colour. However
its subtle leaning towards
brown may lead to
portraying anxiety or a high
energy level. Colour Scheme
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