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Sarah's Key

No description

Taylor Berg

on 18 June 2012

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Transcript of Sarah's Key

Theme Setting Characters Plot Symbols Figurative Language Point of View Prediction By: Tatiana de Rosnay Julia Jarmond - Journalist, studying the Velodrome D'Hiver roundup, married to Bertrand
Sarah Starzynski - Jewish girl, escaped a camp, in search of her brother
Bertrand Tézac - Julia's husband, from the Tézac family
Zoë Tezac - Bertrand and Julia's daughter
William Rainsferd - Sarah's son, knew nothing about his mother's past
Edouard Tezac - Bertrand's father, opens up to Julia about 1942 incident, scarred for life The truth is often hidden behind a mask.
Your past cannot be erased no matter how hard you try to run from it.
You don't necessarily have to meet someone face-to-face to know everything about them. Set in France, 1942 & 2002
Set in United States 2002
The Key -Symbolizes the memory of 1942,
it was kept from the day Sarah placed it
in her pocket and forever kept.
Julia's Baby - the baby symbolizes the birth
of a new start to Julia's life. Because her
husband does not approve of her interest
in Sarah's case and does not want to have
the baby, when Julia has it and names it
Sarah it is very significant because it
indicates that she is strong and independent. The apartment that Mamé lived in was Sarah's apartment
Bertrand was actually Michael, Sarah's younger brother The point of view goes from third person to first person throughout the book as it switches from the year 1942 to 2002. Personification: "But I knew what his silence spelled out, loud and clear." - Silence is being personified in the act of 'spelling'.
Simile: "A magnificent, old French name that sounded like a famous wine." - A comparison of a French name to a famous wine.
Metaphor: "She was a handful of dust." - Comparing Sarah to dust as if to say she were non-living and almost invisible to the world. Julia Jarmond is an American journalist who writes for a French magazine. She is assigned to write about the 60th anniversary of the 1942 Vel' d'Hiv Roundup. Julia is drawn to the subject and stumbles upon the story of a certain 10 year old girl named Sarah Starzynski. Julia discovers that the apartment she is going to be moving into with her husband, who's family has owned for 60 years, used to be Sarah's family's apartment. Julia researches all about the Starzynskis and realizes that Sarah may still be living. She goes through many obstacles to find out where she may be. Julia finds out about all of Sarah's journeys and how she locked her brother Michael in a cupboard expecting to return to him. After days and days of research and traveling, Julia comes across her answer as to what happened to Sarah Starzynski .
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