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Forestry: Tree Health

No description

Leisel Wirig

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Forestry: Tree Health

defoliators: tree tops: Harmful for Bark/Trunk: root diseases: masses of "pitch tubes" TREE HEALTH feed on leaves or the underside of needles Environmental damage: Environmental:
Decays: *Bark beetles:
bore through the the bark of the trees & lays the eggs. (e.g. ) each type of beeetle has a distinctive egg gallery. "strip attacks" *Mechanical damage done by machinery *animal damage caused by rubbing on the tree or peeling off strips to feed. woodpeckers drill holes *Cankers: caused by fungal diseases that attack the cambium layer& cause deformity. the weaken trunks. DAMAGE TO ROOTS Caused by Fungi & can be recognized by decay or the fruiting bodies they produce (conks) Douglas & Grand Firs are very susceptible Slowly starves trees of nutrients over time sick trees have rounded, off-color & thin crowns pitch oozes out at the base of the tree May appear stubbed or Callused all over Fungi that recycles wood nesting sites for animals Produce conks Cause defects & weakness Insects: look for fine sawdust make grooves or tunnels in the bark
Wood Borers: infest dead or weak trees make tunnels through the wood Dwarf Mistletoe: produce plants on infected branches stimulate unusual branch growth "witches broom" *broken crown only attacks Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, & Lodgepole Pine in Idaho Animals:
*birds may snap tops Mechanical: *broken tops Other: *lightning *frost *drought *fire Mechanical: *boles *broken branches *saws *vehicles scraping tree *carving into tree *other caused by man
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