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Vale Majlis

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Sociales

The Mediterranean sea civilizations Ancient Greece Dark ages Greek Colonization Greek Polis The origins of the Greek Geographical locations Geographical location and its characteristics Social Studies Causes
-Population increased
-Many farmers couldn´t grow enought grain to feed everyone Characteristics
-Independent communities with their own types of government
-It was the center of political, social and religious activities Characteristics It allowed trade and cultural exchange.
"Meditterranean" refers to the sea, the geographic space that brought the Greek and the Romans together Where?
Characteristics: Balkan Peninsula, Islands of the Aegean sea and west coast of Asia minor
Geographical location: Small plains and river valleys, surrounded by mountain ranges Economic activity They were farmers, they fished or trade and the mild weather allowed they to grow olives, grapes, wheat and barney - Asia
- Europe
- Africa Minoans
Weren´t Greek/ first civilization that developed in the religion

Origins Island of crete They made their wealth from trade (pottery, metals) End 1250 and 1200, when all palaces were abandonet Archenas or Myceneans Arrived to the Balkans and conquered native people
They found Tyrins and Mycenae
Bronce weapons and war chariots
Traded with the cities of Asia minor
The king of Mycenaea attacked Troy Dorians: The arrived of the Dorians
Conquered the archeans
Military advantaged Iron weapons
New dominant group as they conquered many cities Causes=
Greeks had forgotten their written language and how to make many things Characteristics
Population decreased
Food production dropped
Overseas trade declined Consequences Many set out to find colonies outside the mainland searching for fertile lands Location of the colonies
-Southern Italy
-North Africa
-Black Sea Citizenship
1) With political rights:
-Free, native-born, land owning, adult males
2) No political rights
-Women and children
3) Non-citizens
-Slaves and foreigners Types of government Monarchy
-Rule by one person
They inheritate the power Tyranny
-Government of one person that takes over to rule by force
They supported lower social groups
Arond 500bc... many tyrants satarted using their position to get richer rather than to help people Oligarchy
-Rule by few people
Kings depend on the nobles
Military importance more power Pages
Topic B: 117
Topic C: 118-120
Topic D: 120
Topic E: 121
Topic F: 122-126
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