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Reading Bootcamp

No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Reading Bootcamp

SIFT: Night
What is a figure of Speech?
The use of a
which goes beyond its literal meaning.
Today's Learning Target 9-9-13
I can identify the figurative language used in a passage.

I can analyze the figurative language used in a passage and state how it relates to the theme.
1. Simile
Meaning:We can't let them kill us without fighting back.
Theme: Human cruelty
2. Personification
Meaning: children were being murdered and no one stopped it.
Theme: Human Cruelty, Silence
3. Metaphor
Meaning: We were weak, hungry, helpless, and alone
Theme: Human cruelty, struggle to maintain faith in a loving god
4. Simile
He looked at us with disgust.
Theme: Human cruelty
5. Personification
The silence was uncomfortable.
Theme: Silence
6. He had no compassion for Elie's father and did not regard him as a human being.
Theme: human cruelty

Non Fiction at home reading book
Review your list of topics on your "Am I my brothers keeper?" handout.

Circle a few topics that seem interesting to read about.

Visit the school library and check out a book on one of these topics.

Complete one reading log entry each night and turn in this Friday 9-13-13.

Bring the book to class Wednesday 9-11-13.

*Return "Warriors Don't Cry" if you haven't already!

Common figures of Speech
Common figures of speech
Common figures of speech
Common figures of speech in Spanish
Read pages 29-39 from Night
Identify the figures of speech listed in your notes.

State the figurative meaning.

Identify the theme that it relates to.
Reflect on Today's Learning Target
Refer to your learning target sheet and complete the "after lesson" self-assessment.
Figures of speech found in Night:
Simile: A
between two unlike things using
ex: His voice was like the lion's roar.

Metaphor: A
between two unlike things without using the words
ex: Her home was a prison.

Personification: Giving
qualities to

ex: Fear knocked on the door.

It's raining cats and dogs!
"Speak of the Devil"
"Hablando del Rey de Romas, por la puerta asoma (Speaking of the King of Rome, through the door he appears)- Spanish

"horangi do jae malhamyun onda" - Korean (if you talk about a tiger, it will appear)

"När man talar om trollen (så står de i farstun" - Swedish (when you speak of the trolls, they will come)
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