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October 2011 Board Meeting

Diversity and Cultural Competency Strategy

Kaleigh Schwalbe

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of October 2011 Board Meeting

Mountain Park Health Center Diversity Strategy Mountain Park Health Center 2011 Diversity and
Cultural Copentency Strategy October 19, 2011 MPHC Diversity and Cultural
Competency Visibility Marketing Sponsorship Community Engagement Diversity Site Councils Impact In addition to the patient focus groups, one additional focus group was conducted based on speaking with MPHC management and external stakeholders who have expressed a clear disconnect with the African American community. 2009 2011 8% of total patient population is Black/African American 11% Juneteenth 37% Baseline Diversity Lunch and Learns sessions Over
employees trained. 125 6 Topics Interpreter Program Quality Customer Service Finance Dual Role Interpreter Training Program 18 Mountain Park employees complete interpreter training. Dual Role: Employees add interpreting to their current role as medical assistant, dental assistant, or pharmacy tech, which means that when an interpreter is needed, trained bilingual staff are available and ready to help. Introduction to Medical Interpreting at Phoenix Children’s Hospital 60 hours of training. Spanish Bilingual Assistant: Training bilingual staff to serve as interpreters has been shown to increase efficiency and decrease medical errors. This allows us to eliminate the use of family members as communication intermediaries, and provides us with the peace of mind that the language services we provide to our Spanish-speaking patients at Mountain Park Health Center is of high quality. Quality: Customer Service: Finance: EMPOWER STAKEHOLDERS feedback transparency accountablility engage action Feedback: Childcare to complement "one stop shop" Children's art hung on walls as rotating gallery. Clear sinage, understandable for multiple languages. Greeters in all clinics. Clean and welcoming, but not too fancy. EMPOWER STAKEHOLDERS feedback transparency engage action accountability Training and Development Diversity and Cultural Compentency Training Over 500 Creates higher employee retention reducing new hire costs and creates a competitive advantage that increases encounters. 19% increase. increase from 2009. Care is more responsive to our patients' language needs. By having in-house, trained Spanish interpreters, patients' access to services improves. 2011 Diversity and Cultural Competency Assesment Report What's Next? Strategy. employees trained to date. Closing the Gap. Building healthcare coalitions for all refugee communities. to date . Strategy How doe we approach this to not just ensure representation, but full engagement? We need strategic alignment. + Customer Service
+ Quality
+ Finance How are Diversity and Inclsuion critical to our mission and our three strategic focus areas? Mountain Park Health Center is a place for everyone. We support and encourage diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency and believe that these values touch every part of our organization while contributing to our ability to provide the best service possible. Builds Cohesive Teams. Empowers Stakeholders. At Mountain Park Health Center, are essential to creating a competitive advantage through culturally competent patient care. so essetial, it is Mission Critical. Our Mission: To work with the communites we serve to sustain and improve health
by providing affordable primary care. To achieve our mission, we need Strategic Alignment. Strategic Focus Areas: Diveristy and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion we recognize that Diversity and Inclusion is Contributes to Eliminating Silos. Creates New and Stregnthens Current Strategic Partnerships. Promotes Innovation. Improves Decision Making. Example All MPHC job postings include the following: Example Diversity Site Coucils Training and Development Community Impact Dual-Role Interpreter Program
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