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No description

Keith Meyer

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Popocatépetl

Global Volcanism Popocatepetl Syncing... Side Effects Eruptions have been recorded
to have pyroclastic flows
and voluminous lahars. It is surrounded by
forests and is very
close to Mexico City. Location Country: México
Subregion: México
Longitude: 19.023N
Latitude: 98.622W
40km from Mexico City Size Height: 17,802 feet
Crater Lenth: 400m
Crater Width: 600m
Crater Height 250-450m Popocatépetl Eruptions Video Sketches Popocatépetl is a strato (Vulcan) volcano in Mexico. It's name comes from the Aztec word for
Smoking Mountain. This is due Saturday North America's Second Largest Volcanoe Project http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=1401-09= Highlighter Highlighter Don't forget to
write about it's
size, location,
and importance. Simple Solutions Keith Meyer Block 3 http://www.mexicocity-guide.com/surroundings/popocateptl.htm Potato Power http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/popocatepetl.html

Microsoft PowerPoint Popocatépetl Eruptions 1345-47, 1354, 1363(?), 1488, 1504, 1509(?), 1512, 1518, 1519-23(?), 1528, 1530, 1539-40, 1542, 1548, 1571, 1580, 1590, 1592-94, 1642, 1663-65, 1666-67, 1697, 1720, 1802-04, 1827(?), 1834(?), 1852(?), 1919-22, 1923-24, 1925-27(?), 1933, 1942-43, 1947, 1994-95, 1996-2003, 2004-2011
Microsoft Presentation Popocatépetl Eruptions Status:
ACTIVE!!! Hazards! Coco and North American convergent boundary The Coco plate melted. The Buoyant Magma rose Formed a volcano Hi Home Look For Easter Eggs!
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