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Letters From the Black Sea

No description

Rachael Savoie

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Letters From the Black Sea

Book 4
This book consists of 16 poems in which he talks more about his exile and about his life and that of his friends. And one ememy who Ovid asks for him to leave him alone.
Where's Ovid?
These letters were sent by Ovid from Tomis(current day Romania) on the coast of the black sea.
In 8AD he was banished to Tomas by Augustus
Book 1
In the 10 letters in the first book Ovid writes of his health, hopes, his living quality and how sad he is he's been exiled from Rome.
These letters are addressed to his wife and friends.
Book 2
In this book he asks many friends and Germanicus to speak to the Roman concil for him, and also about how misreable he is.
Book 3
In this book are Ovid's poems to his wife and friends. and the story of Iphigenia in Taurus.
Letters From the Black Sea
Painting: Ovid amoung the Sythians
by Eugene Delacroix
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