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English project

No description

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of English project


By: Amalia Villegas Guerra.
Undergraduate: astronomy.
Teacher: Dario Lopez
English I
Universidad de Antioquia (2014)

Tracy Chapman was born in Ohio-Cleveland (march 30, 1964) at the moment she is 50. She is an American singer and songwriter. She has been nominated to six Grammy, three of which she won.
Fast car
Fast car is a popular song by Tracy Chapman. She sang this song on The "Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute" while he was still in prison. After that the song became a hit in United States about april 1988.

The song is about the woman that was abandoned by her mother because her father was an alcoholic; she had to quit school and take care of him. After time she left her hometown and went with her couple with the hope of making a better life but her life begins to reflect her mother's life and she falls in the cycle.
"You got a fast car, but is it
fast enough so we can fly away?"

I'm Amalia, I was born in Caucasia but I lived in Marinilla since I was four until I got into the University. I now live in Medellin. I'm nineteen and I study astronomy at UdeA.
I have a shy personality, I like some sports such as tennis, I love spaguetti and chocolate candies. My favorite color is orange.
In few words I'm really nice and lovely.
What the song means to me
I like this song because all people in some moment want to scape and begin a new life ("start from zero"). But sometimes it's not enough. And this is the message of the song.
About the song
Deal: trato.
Store: tienda.
I've been working: he estado trabajando.
Managed: gestionado, administrado.
Quit: dejar.
Enough: suficiente.
Lay: poner.
Wrapped: envuelto.
Cursing: crucero.
Ourselves: nosotros mismos.
Promoted: promovido
Shelter: albergue, refugio.
Our bills: nuestras deudas

Thanks f r watching
In this project I'll talk about Tracy Chapman
and one of her songs. Enjoy it!
My picture
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