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Comparing She's the Man to Twelfth Night

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Jun Wu

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Comparing She's the Man to Twelfth Night

Comparing Twelfth Night to She's the Man

purpose of this text
target audience
The purpose of this prezi is to explore the similarities and differences between "
Twelfth Night"
by Shakespeare and "
She's the Man
" directed by Andy Fickman in 2006. The purpose of
"She's the Man"
is to teach Shakespeare's play
"Twelfth Night"
in a modern format.
plot similarities AND DIFFERENCES
prom at ending, wedding at the end
shipwreck/escaping to London for his band
about soccer/high society
Illyria school,Illyria country
Sebastian sorts out confusion at end, Viola sorts out confusion at end
modern day setting,Elizabethan day setting
set in modern day America, Elizabethan England
Olivia is in grief because her ex-boyfriend dumped her because of a bad relationship in
"She's the Man"
, in
"Twelfth Night"
- she's in grieving for her brother and father who had died
theme of love
"Twelfth Night"
"She's the Man"
have the same theme of love where the main characters are connected in a love triangle. Disguise and jealousy, love and appearance versus reality.are main themes.
twelfth night

she's the man
"Twelfth Night"
"She's the Man"
are based around the same idea, however aiming at different audiences.
"She's the Man"
is aimed at modern day teenagers, therefore eliminating Shakespeare's underlying issues and meaning.
languages-modern and old English
not the same script
"She's the Man"
is a modernised version of
"Twelfth Night"

same concept/ same basic plot
character same relationship
a few quotes from Shakespeare used in
"Twelfth Night"
was present in
"She's the Man"
for example “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them!” (II. V. 129-130.)
main characters' names
The characters in both the play and film are mostly the same except for slight differences and extra minor characters in
"She's the Man"
(film). In
"She's the Man"
, the main character, Viola becomes Sebastian instead of Cesario in disguise. Many names of minor characters in
"Twelfth Night"
were incorporated into
"She's the Man"
in some way, being some people's first and last names. Main characters names are the same.
No parents involved
Sea captain/ hairdresser Paul
Unus, Orsino's friends, Viola's friends
"Twelfth Night"
is aimed at everyone no matter high or low status it is the purpose of entertainment as a Shakespearean play in Shakespeare's time.
She's the Man
Twelfth night
The love triangle
The genre of both Shakespeare's
"Twelfth Night"
"She's the Man"
are based on romance and comedy.
In both pretends to be male but for different purposes. In
"Twelfth Night"
, Viola does it to protect herself and also get love from Orsino. In
"She's the Man"
, Viola does it to play in the boys soccer team. Viola and Sebastian are twins in
"Twelfth Night
"She's the Man"
they both look alike. Both dress as a man to deal with some type of conflict,
"She's the Man"
is a getting into the soccer team, in
"Twelfth Night"
the conflict is her brother's death . Both Violas are not girlish(tomboyish) Viola in
"Twelfth Night"
is a joker and Viola in
"She's the Man"
is a soccer player.
character relationship
Olivia is the countess in Shakespeare's
"Twelfth Night"
and in
"She's the Man"
, she's an ordinary high school girl in which Duke Orsino has a huge crush on. In both, Olivia ends up kissing Sebastian. In "Twelfth Night" she didn't want to date anyone because she was grieving for her brother and her father but in "She's the Man" it was because she had a bad relationship.
Both Dukes gets Viola to help him get Olivia claiming both love Olivia.
duke orsino
The target audience in "
Twelfth Night"
and "
She's the Man"
is different.
"She's the Man"
does take after
"Twelfth Night"
but is focused on its teen audience, therefore taking away Shakespeare's underlying issues.
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