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The Wonders of Afghanistan

I will guide you through the wonders of Afghanistan!

Krishnan Castillo

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of The Wonders of Afghanistan

BY: KRISHNAN cASTILLO A country full of wonders but where no peace is found. I'm going to guide you through afghanistan
and its multiple wonders! Geography of Afghanistan Afghanistan is located in Southeastern Asia. The country is north and west of Pakistan and east of Iran. Its official location is 33 00 N, 65 00 E. The total area of Afghanistan is 647,000 square kilometers. Afghanistan has no water area. Afghanistan is mostly rugged mountains with plains north and southwest. The lowest point in Afghanistan is Amu Darya which is 258 m. The highest point is Nowshack which is 7,485 m. The natural resources are natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semiprecious stones. Afghanistan has 12.13% arable land, 0.21% permanent crops, and 87.66% other. Afghanistan has 27,200 sq. km. of irrigated land. There are lots of earthquakes, flooding and droughts. Symbols of Afghanistan Afghanistan's flag has three bands; black, red, and green. The emblem in the middle represents one of their temples incircled by a wreath and sorrounded by two flags. This is afghanistan's national anthem there language is dari so you are not going to understand what they are saying. Afghanistan has no national bird or flower People of Afghanistan population
Afghanistan's population is 28,395,716 according to the July 2009 estimate. Most of the people in this country live in Kabul, the capital. other information Age Structure
0-14 years 43.6%
15-64 years 54%
65-older 2.4% Le Age 15 and over can read and write Le Le Literacy Rate Literacy Rate 28.1% of whole population knows how to read and write
43.1% male
12.6% female Life EExpectancy Life Expectancy Total population: 44.4 years
Country comparison: 219
Male: 44.19 years
Female: 44.61 years Afghan Food Main ingredients This are the main ingredients in Afghan cuisine:
Cereals like: wheat, maize, barley & rice
Dairies like: yogurt & whey
Various nuts
Vegetables and fresh & dried fruit
Afghanistan is well known for its grapes Customs and Culture The typical dish of Afghanistan is not very stable. It is different types of rice. One example is chalow and palao which are different types of Afghan rice. In every Afghan meal bread is included. Also rice. The truth is that every Afghan meal has a wide spread of food. That means that every meal has a wide variety of different kinds of foods. One example is that an Afghan dinner has fruits, meat, vegetables, bread, rice, etc. It all comes in courses. First come appetizers, then salad, then the main dish and finally some "dessert". Before each meal is started a person in the group brings up a cup full of water where people wash their hands. Fashion of Afghanistan Casual clothing The people in Afghanistan normally dress in rags but the lucky ones dress in normal clothes. The people normally work in jobs that are very tiring so they have to sets of clothes: work clothes (rags) and clothes for special occations (birthdays). Other people just dress in this clothes that look like layers of cloths. Women's Clothes
Women normally dress in rags or layers of clothes. Everytime they go out to buy things in the market they have to where a berka which is this kind of cloth that have holes for the woman to see (this was Taliban influence). The traditional clothes for women is the chadori. It consists on a cap, chador, and a mesh face face covering. It is heavily embroided. The colors of the chadori depend on religion and location. Men's Clothes
The men DON'T need to cover their face with a burqa. Their traditional clothing is not very exact. It is a salwar kameez (dress), a lungee (turban), a karakul, a pakol, a topi, a kufi (hats) and a chapan (coat). Even though men don't need to wear burqas occationally they put cloths on their heads. The truth is traditional Afghan clothes vary by regions. Afghanistan's Language There are two official languages in Afghanistan, it is Dari and Pashto. Afghan people say that this languages were originated in the high mountains of Afghanistan. There are other languages as well, one of them is Urbek. In northern Afghanistan people speak Persian. People who live in south and east speak Pashto. The western part has a mixture of Persian and Pashto. Many people can speak and/or understand both languages especially those who live in major cities. Several other languages are spoken in Afghanistan including Uzbeki, Turkmen and Balochi. Family Structure children Depending on their age, kids do different chores. For example, kids of 10 years old would help their mom or dad in the market or in selling things. Kids of about 5 years old help their moms cooking or cleaning the house or apartament. Girls can't go to school so they, for all the day help their moms in the house. Boys go to school and when they come back they help their parents in what they need to do. The truth is kids in Afghanistan don't have much free life but they still have time to have fun specially in spring. Outside children are ALWAYS close to their mom and ALWAYS ask their mom before doing anything. Talibans don't let boys not attend school. If a child is out of the house or apartament after a certain hour they are punished severily. Fathers General information In the family the respect goes mainly to the older people and divorce is prohibited. When the father, dies the inheritance of the family mostly goes to one of the sons. The main part of the family is the mother-in-law, the daughters-in-law and daughters. In Afghanistan fathers normally have to go to work very early in the morning. Even if they're not in the house for most of the day they still are the ones who choose the rules. Fathers normally have no weekends because the work ALL the week. Once in a while fathers get to read their children some books or tell them stories. Very rarely do they get to play outside or have a "game" with his kids. The truth is fathers in Afghanistan don't have much free time but at least they have work. Something else; most fathers teach their daughters secretely how to read and write. If the Talibans discover that it is probably 5 or more years of jail. mothers Mothers in Afghanistan don't have work so they stay in the house or apartament for the whole day. What they normally do is clean the house, prepare food or entertain her baby or kid. The only time mothers go out is to buy supplies in the market. They always have to use a burqa to go out. That practically is what the woman need do everyday. Religion In Afghanistan it is prohibited to practice the Christian religion. The prize for getting caught is death. However, about 500 to 3000 Afghan people practice this religion. The main religions are:
Sikhs other information When the Soviet invasion happened, most Jewish people in Afghanistan fled from the country. Now approximately 100 or less Jewish people are left in the country. Sports in Afghanistan The most popular sport in Afghanitan is: Buzkashi. Buzkashi is played on horseback. The players have to strike a ball with a stick and try to score a "gol". Here is a list of other sports in Afghanistan.
Cricket was introduced to Afghanistan when Afghan people that were hiding in Pakistan came back to the country. In Pakistan cricket is a major sport. The same happened with soccer. Holidays & Traditions The holidays such as Independence Day are celebrated using the lunar calendar. Holidays such as New Year's Day are measured using the solar calendar. In every holiday Afghan families celebrate by visiting their relatives or preparing lavish meals. Here is a list of all the holidays:
EID AL-FITR; Afghan calendar
EID AL- ADHA; Afghan calendar
ASHURA; Afghan calendar
MAWLEED AL-NABI; Afghan calendar
NOWROZE; March 21
JESHEN; August 19
Labor Day; May 1
Rememberance Day for Maryrs and Disabled; May 4 Jeshen is the Afghan Independence Day. Economy Exports Because of Afghanistan's civil wars exports have gone down to minium. These are the exports.
These are the imports:
Capital Goods
Other Manufactured goods
Petroleum products

Pictures of Currency This is the money of the Taliban Era Notes and the New Afghanistan Era Notes Imports Natural Resources Afghanistan has a history of small-scale mining of gems, copper and coal. However the exploration of these resources didn't start until the mid 1960s. In the 1970s Afghanistan was discovered to have a wide variety of mining resources. However only some of these resources were appreciated. Afghanistan also has a lot of natural gas. Here is a list of the natural resources: copper gold coal Gems natural gas Telecomunications The main comunication in Afghanistan is the mobile cellular and the telephone. However the telephone service is VERY poor. Radios are something else people use to comunicate. Not much people have internet but who ever has uses it. Here is a list of different communications people in Afghanistan use.
Mobile celullar
Transportation People in Afghanistan normally only travel in special occations like Independence Day, a birthday or any other holidays. A lot of people flee from the country. These are the main types of transportation Afghan people use:
Ports and harbors
Heliports History of Afghanistan The history of Afghanistan is very violent. This country has never been left alone; from the Islamic Republic to the Taliban War Afghanistan has passed very hard moments. Thousands of people dead.
Everything started with the Islamic Republic. The Islamic people conquered the country. Later on Afghanistan was attacked by a lot of countries; Russia, Iran, United Kindom, Germany and Ukraine. All those countries tried to conquer Afghanistan but they ALL failed. Then, in the year 2001 the Talibans attacked and conquered Afghanistan; no one knows how. The war in Afghanistan has been going on for now 9 years. The US forces are "beating up" the Talibans. However the enemy doesn't surrender. Timeline This is a brief timeline of what happened in Afghanistan of about 20 years from now. Government Each country in the world has a type of government. Afghanistan's is: Islamic Republic. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. There are 34 provincies. Kabul is the most populated. Their Independence Day is August 19. Thanks to the Taliban occupation Islam is the only religion people can practice. There is an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. Afghanistan has no president or prime minister or anything. Right now in the war with the Talibans the country is in depair. Current Events Right now, the US, UK, and the Northern Alliance are fighting of the Talibans in the city of Marjah. It is expected that the US wins the war in the year 2010 or 2011. The people of Afghanistan are happy because they are finally going to be free but nervous because their government, their economy, their country is in ruins.
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