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Adham Kurbanov

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of template

Inspiration is our worldly experiences
We have the skill, determination and knowledge of the game to make a difference.
Following fruitful apprenticeships at the likes of BBDO, Publicis and Grey Worldwide, we started ATOM with the simple thought that we can do it better. We gathered talent from around the globe, marched them east and settled everyone into a creative environment in the heart of Dubai. The nice people at MMI, Energizer and Grand Hyatt took a leap of faith and entrusted ATOM with their crown jewels and we’ve never looked back. Through a steady stream of new business successes the agency has gone from strength to strength.
Inspiration is our people
Brazilian flair with a touch of German efficiency! We are a very likeable group from all four corners of the worldwide web and every walk of life.
While we work hard at all of the nitty gritty involved in running a successful business we also value being a little bit alternative. We’ve stuffed ATOM full of creative people who, to get the job, had to prove they were bursting with fresh ideas, fitted in with everyone and enjoy doing what they do. Our thinking; ideas rule the world, and that’s what we’re all about, drawing inspiration from our surroundings to come up with concepts which create loads and loads of noise.
Inspiration is helping others
Our contribution to society philosophy is very homespun; save a child, give them a planet to live on and an animal to oooh and aaah at. This led us to ActionAid, World Land Trust and WWF.
And for our pièce de résistance we give our time and energy to help Foresight with their marketing activities which are targeted at raising money to fund research into finding cures for blindness. One of their part funded projects led to a significant breakthrough by Professor Robin Ali that was widely reported in the international and local press. They also provide up to date information in English and Arabic about sight loss to people who are visually impaired in our local community. We are very proud to contribute to their success in this very worthwhile cause.
Inspiration is life
Our lifetime experiences have honed our skills in a wide spectrum of marketing disciplines.
On the simple premise that a good idea is a good idea we have successfully implemented campaigns which have incorporated Brand Discovery, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Corporate Identity, Collaterals, POS and Website Design. Even if we haven’t got the skills in-house we know a man who can. It all adds up to providing an integrated, well thought out approach to ensure our clients maximise the return from their marketing investment.
Inspiration is our clients
We see teamwork and getting to know our clients’ products and services as the key to developing campaigns that deliver results.
Our Clients live their brands each and every day, we value their knowledge and experience. In finding the most productive way forward we thrive on healthy debate and being challenged. We work very hard on building relationships, if new business opportunities come our way, we do our homework, put on our thinking caps and throw ourselves into the fray with stacks of energy and enthusiasm.
Our Clients
MMI Monster Grapes
Brief: Publicise a bin end sale without
mentioning the word alcohol or letting
slip that the wines on offer were waifs
and strays.

Lowdown: We took a trip back in time
and resurrected the B Movie genre in
creating a visually stunning campaign
that covered all sorts of wild and whacky
ideas including making a giant grape
crashing onto the roof of a car. Some
thought the grapes were a little bit scary,
maybe we can develop a horror movie
script around these juicy little devils.
Tiara Residence
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