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The Tourist Gaze by John Urry 1990

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Serene Chua

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of The Tourist Gaze by John Urry 1990

By John Urry (1990) The Tourist Gaze 1. Tourism is a leisure activity 2. Tourist relationships arise from a movement of people to and their stay in various destinations 3. The journey & stay are 'out of the ordinary' 4. The places gazed upon are not connected to our work but normally it offer some contrasts with work - Although is a leisure activity, it is still regulated over a period of time and organised within particular places. - It must involves a journey and a destination. Outside the normal places of residence and work
- Staying out of daily norms
- Escapism (Short getaway)
- Temporary (Relaxation & freedom)
- Intention is to return 'home' - Gazing at other people’s work/daily lives Why tourism is important? 9 Characteristics of Tourist Gaze 5. A substantial proportion of the population of modern societies engages in such tourist practices. - Many travel for "Status"
- If we don’t travel, we are ‘nobody’
- Pressure from the fast growing industry 6. Places are chosen to be gazed upon because there is anticipation - Media influences
- Daydreaming
- Fantasy 7. Tourist gaze is directed to features of landscape and townscape which separate them off from everyday experience. - People linger over such a gaze which is then normally projected or captured through photographs, postcards and films. 8. Tourist gaze is constructed though signs, and tourism involves the collection of signs. 9. An array of tourist professionals develop who attempt to reproduce ever-new objects of tourist gaze - When tourists see two people kissing in Paris what they capture in the gaze is 'timeless romantic Paris'. - Authentic or Staged?
(MacCannell, 1973) - Which country do you think this is? - Fantasy created from fairytales Eg. Tour Packages - Media influence
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