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Be Proactive

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Nor Shairah Zainul Abidin

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Be Proactive

Things go wrong, we feel shaken up.

As a result, we might EXPLODE!
Journal Entry
What do you feel on these days?
The Seven Habits of
Highly Effective People

Thank you
Manage yourself
What are those 7 Habits?
Habit 6
Habit 3
Put First
Things First
Habit 4
Think Win-Win
Habit 1
Be Proactive
What happens to a bottle of soda when it is shaken up?
"I am in the driver's seat
of my destiny,
not just a passenger."
Habit 2
Begin with the
End in Mind
4 Human Tools

Things you
control or change:
Other people
Things you did wrong in the past
How other people treat us

Circle of Influence
Circle of Concern

Things you
control or change:
Your attitude
Your mood
Your reaction to good and bad things that happen
How I treat other people
See alternatives, not roadblocks
Habit 5
Seek First to Understand,
Then to Be Understood
Nor Shairah
Nor Azah
1) Self-awareness
Choice between stimulus and response.
Observe thoughts and action.
Example= I am aware of how my thoughts affect my attitude and behavior.

2) Conscience
Instinct in knowing right from wrong.
Example=I get a feeling inside me that prompts me about things I should or shouldn't do.

3) Imagination
Envision new possibilities and evaluate different options
Example=I can easily imagine other solutions to problem or obstacles

4) Willpower
Freedom to choose your own unique response
Example=I set and achieve meaningful goals in my life
Water remains the same.

We might get shaken up, but we stay calm
Ready with a calm attitude.
Do things to make sure that the right things will happen.
Prepared for anything that might happen.
If we could “carry the weather with us”….
People who make things happen
People who watch things happen
People who wonder…what happened

Three Types of People
The 5 P's to be proactive
1. Predict-develop foresight
2.Prevent-potential obstacles and exert the power
3.Plan-for the future
4.Participate-active participate
5.Perform-effective action
Focus on things you can change or influence
Journal Entry
Explode at any minute.
Things happen and “catch off guard”.
Not ready for things that might happen.

Habit 7
Sharpen The Saw
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