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NEIU SSA Workshop: Information for Saudi Students who Plan to Attend

No description

Jasmin Windsor

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of NEIU SSA Workshop: Information for Saudi Students who Plan to Attend

Workshop: Information for Saudi Students who Plan to Attend Graduate American Universities

Step 1 to Success
Step 2 to Success
(Standardized Tests)


Start Preparation
while your are studding English
Check the application deadlines https://admissions.iit.edu/graduate/apply/application-deadlines
Information for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS https://admissions.uic.edu/graduate-professional/requirements-deadlines/international-requirements
Personal Statement
Credential Evaluation ECE https://www.ece.org/
WES http://www.wes.org/

Step 3 To Success
How to get an admission

Degree and Major search
Accredited University by MOHE
Admission Requirements by the university and department
offered courses
Faculty members number
Options for Master students
Graduation Requirements http://grad.uic.edu/masters-degrees

Step 4 to Success
How to Choose a Supervisor
Faculty Research Interests Page
Laboratories Page
Department Main Research Areas
Number of Faculty with Same Interests
Number of Labs with Same Interests as YOURS
Supervisor's age
Supervisor's Activities
Number of Graduate students
Contact with his students http://science.iit.edu/biology/people/faculty
Emailing a supervisor
Email Do's
Short Specific subject
title+ last name
appropriate tile (Dr., Ms., Mr)
Identify yourself
write clearly and concisely
proofread your message
give your reader time
Email Don'ts

Person's first name
missplell tha name of the person
don't write all in Capital or lowercase letters
no sarcasm
no attachments UNLESS you asked to
no private information
no abbreviations
no emoticons :)
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