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Explorors of the WORLD!

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lib hist

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Explorors of the WORLD!

Anusha, Myah, and Daphnicka
Christopher Columbus was one to believe that sailing west would get to Asia faster. In 1492, the three ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, were set sailed on the journey with Columbus, himself, and 90 other men. He believed that he had made it to Asia, unfortunately he was wrong. Columbus had made three other voyages after finding out that there was gold with the Native Americans he called, "Indians." Though, after finding the land destroyed, he enslaved the Native Americans, forcing them to rebuild their settlement and mine for gold. Unsuccessful, Columbus set out to the other islands but, was later arrested by King Ferdinand and was brought back to Spain in 1504. He lost almost all his riches and died two years later.
Christopher Columbus is known for beginning an exploration to the Americas and even got a holiday named after him. Though, he didn't reach Asia, he passed away thinking so and inspired many settlers to take on the journey.
Christopher Columbus
At 17, Marco Polo was on journey to China, looking for his father and uncle. When they gathered, they spent 17 years exploring and even worked for the Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. Marco had returned to Italy after traveling more than 7,000 miles.
Marco Polo is remembered from his book about his life and experience in China. The book was named, "The Book of Ser Marco Polo," including, "The Travels of Marco Polo," and also, "Travels." He is remembered from this because his book and the Crusades helped with the Renaissance (The Reawakening of Europe). This affected the life of the Europeans. Including the new trade routes that opened in the East.
Marco Polo
Prince Henry, one of the rulers of Portugal, made new technology for ships and established new sea routes to Africa. He is known for organizing schools for sea exploration. The schools taught map making, navigation and shipbuilding. A community developed as more and more people came to the school, causing new studies to be taught, such as quadrant and mathematical tables to know latitude.
Prince Henry inspired other settlers, such as Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco De Gama. In 1488, Bartholomew Diaz had went to Prince Henry's school and had rounded Africa, intentionally, into a storm, which made a landmass fall (present-day Mossel Bay). He did not make it all the way to Asia, in fear that the landmass did not lead there. But, when he returned to Portugal, the Cape of Storms was renamed to the Cape of Good Hope. In 1498, Vasco De Gama had established a route around Africa and to India, as he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. Without any of the explorers the sea route to the East wouldn't be found by Portugal.
Prince Henry
In the year 1000, Leif Eriksson, known as the son of the Erik the Red, was sailing and a strong wind blew his ship off course and started heading toward the North American coast. Eriksson and his crew landed on what is now, present-day Canada, as they sailed south. They settled in "Vinland," but left a few years later. Native American attacks were threatened and the Europeans didn't make it back until the 1400s.
Leif Eriksson is known to be the first European to step foot on North America... not Christopher Columbus. Although, some believe this fact is false.
Leif Eriksson
Ferdinand Magellan
In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan sailed down the East coast of South America with a Spanish fleet. He wanted to prove that the Earth was round. Him and his crew sailed across the Pacific Ocean and when they reached the Philippines, Magellan was killed in a battle against the Native Americans. His crew decided to continue the sea route without him, sailing into the Indian Ocean. In 1522, the remaining 18 survivors returned to Spain. The entire journey took about 40,000 miles long.
Ferdinand Magellan is known to prove that the Earth was round instead of flat and square.
Explorers of the WORLD
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