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Breast Cancer

No description

heba albawaya

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer What is breast cancer? What Causes Breast Cancer? Signs & Symptoms of
breast cancer
_As women get older, they are more at risk for breast cancer. Teens — as well as women in their twenties and thirties — are less likely to get breast cancer.
Breast cancer is most commonly diagnosed in men over 60. _Breast cancer is a disease, that is uncontrolled growth of breast cells. _The most common kinds
of breast cancer form in the milk ducts, which are the glands that make milk. Although it's rare, men can get breast cancer, too. _The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown, but there is factors, such as:
*Family history of ovarian cancer, (especially in a mother, sister).
*Have never given birth or gave birth for the first time after age 30.
*Reached menopause later than average.
*Have taken hormone replacement therapy (estrogen plus progestin). _ A lump in the breast is a common symptom of breast cancer.
_ An unusual, especially bloody, discharge from the nipple.
_Changes to the skin, shape or texture of the breast.
_Redness, swelling.
_ Size or shape of the breast.
_Change of the normal color.
_If the breast id itchy a lot & not relived by ointment or creams.
_ Losing hair. Age _Definition of Breast Cancer:
An abnormal growth of cells that originates in breast tissue. Is Breast Cancer Contagious? NO Breast cancer statistics at a glance Year: 2012 _ Males _ Females
Cases _ 200 _ 22,700
Incidence rate
(per 100,000)* _ 1 _ 96
Incidence rank _ 0 _ 1st
Deaths _ 55 _ 5,100
Death rate (per 100,000)* _ 0.5 _ 19
Death rank _ 0 _ 2nd
5-year relative survival (2004-2006) _ 79%
_88%. Stages of breast cancer _There's (5) stages to breast cancer &each stage is different and has its own treatment. Video! Treatment _There's alot of options you can do for treatment,
Top (5)
1- Surgery.
3-Radiation Therapy.
4-Hormonal Therapy.
5-Treatments for Pain.
_Although more and more women & men surviving also more and more woman & men are experiencing breast cancer in their lifetime. _Weight Loss Without Trying.
_Pain in the chest.
_Changes in the Testicles, skin.
_A sore on the penis that would not go away. Breast Cancer is increasing VIDEO! Is breast cancer painful? Yes & No! Nutritional connection _Plenty of fruits & vegetables/ (Broccoli ).
_High fiber – whole grains & beans.
_Drink plenty of fluids / (water).
_Be physically active to help achieve & maintain a healthy weight. And a lot of : Vitamin B & Vitamin D
V(B) in: V(D) in:
Fish Sunshine
Chicken Fish, such as
Potatoes salmon
Bananas beef liver
Nuts cheese
Brown rice milk
mushrooms egg yolks
Whole grains
Drug Interactions
such as Enduron (methyclothiazide),Diuril (chlorothiazide). But it is (genetic). In Men In Men _Its rare for a man under age 35 to get breast cancer,
Most male breast cancers are detected between the ages of 60 to 70 years. Why Don't we Hear About Breast Cancer in Men as Much as we Hear About Breast Cancer in Women? _Breast cancer in men is uncommon.
This is because the due of their small amount of breast tissue and the fact that men produce less hormones such as estrogen that are known to affect breast cancers in women. A Small Fact! - Your boobs size will not stay at its original size when you have breast cancer.
This is also one of the biggest breast cancer signs. Foundations! where did I get my RESOURCES ? http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/breastcancer/about.aspx




(YouTube.com) & ( Google image) Activity
Time Questions! 1) The exact cause of breast is still unknown,
but there is factors,
( give me one of these factors)? One Day Menu 2)Give me the definition of breast cancer? 3)Give me the top 5
treatments for breast cancer? 4)Breast cancer is not ____________ but
it is genetic. 5)Its rare for men under the age ____ to get breast cancer, but most male breast cancers are detected between the ages of ____ to ____ years. 5)Its rare for men under the age 35 to get breast cancer,
but most male breast cancers are detected between the ages of 60 to 70 years of age. Recipe 6) why don't we hear about breast cancer in men much as we hear about breast cancer in women? 7) Give me 2 symptoms of breast cancer
in men & woman?
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