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Vida Family Wine Estate | Szekszárd – Hungary

2015 autumn

Bogár Gyurka

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of Vida Family Wine Estate | Szekszárd – Hungary

| This fresh, fruity wine is a blend of blue grapes Kékfrankos, Pinot Noir and Kadarka. Its great perfume and pleasant bouquet makes it a perfect companion to light meals, salads, grilled meat, or just a summer evening chat.

| An elegant and straight wine, with buoyant acids, combining in its ruby colour the ripe warmth of Cabernet Franc with the fruitiness of Kékfrankos, velvetiness of Merlot, and the playful spiciness of Kadarka. You hold in your hand the reliable wine of peaceful evening chats.
| Forget the dress code and the daily grind. Relax, and unwind. For evening get-togethers, picnics, bon fires, and parties. Just take it easy.
At secondary school, I went to a renowned viticulture class, where I met two eminent teachers who influenced my future career. I recollect one of them beginning the viticulture class by holding up the pruning shears and asked: ‘What do you see in my hand?’ We said, ‘They’re pruning shears, teacher.’ He replied that we should bear in mind they weren’t pruning shears but the key to the cellar. No one else has been since able to give a cleverer, and a truly essential, idea of the trade.
| Our Hidaspetre vineyard selection from an outstanding vintage. The vineyard is accessible via
a narrow opening, which then opens up, forming a completely closed and protected valley system. The mature, full flavours of the wine are quite astonishing. Elegant aroma and fruity characteristic flavours.
A reinterpretation of Kékfrankos.
| This traditional blend from the Szekszárd wine region is produced from selected Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Kadarka grapes. The aroma is fruity, and it is a complex wine with rich spiciness and beautiful balance.
It is one of Hungary’s premium Bikavérs.
Vida Family Wine Estate
| Szekszárd – Hungary
I don’t know why but I have been attracted by land – terra benedicta – since my childhood, although no one in my family had worked the land ever. I have become one.
Many times I simply enjoy myself crumbling lumps of earth. Soil, vegetation and sun enabled life for mankind. It is extremely important that mankind shall preserve this treasure.

Vida Péter
2015 autumn
Vida Family Wine Estate
| Szekszárd – Hungary
H-7100 Szekszárd, Napfény utca 27/A
phone/fax: +36 74 317 753
e-mail: info@vidaborbirtok.hu
La Vida is life itself!
Thank you
for your attention

Öregtőkék Kadarkája
| Kadarka is the oldest historic vine variety cultivated in the Szekszárd winegrowing area. Harvested from a more than 90 year old plantation with its playful spicy fragrances, not too heavy but distinct bouquet, this wine is able to enchant anybody.
| Due to its velvety softness, Merlot is an outstanding representative of the Szekszárd wines. This wine has an extraordinary ripening capacity and exhibits a long-lasting bouquet. Its flowery perfume reminds one of roses, flavours of raspberries and prunes dominate its bouquet. A perfect drink for very special occasions.
La Vida
| I sincerely believe wine is one of God’s miracles! La Vida means Life.
I am sure this selection Merlot is worth this name. It has been produced from grapes grown on vines under reduced load, with special care throughout the process. When holding the bottles in hand and tasting these wines,
I should like you to feel the wonders Sun, Earth Vine and Man are capable of.
Vida Family Wine Estate
| Szekszárd – Hungary
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