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Macgregor PLC journey

No description

Lana Read

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Macgregor PLC journey

Putting the Pieces Together...
Building a Professional Learning Community
See learning through the eyes of the students
No "secret teacher's business"
Where to next?
Let's go deeper...not wider!

"the only lever that will result in long-term change in schools is change from the inside. Changing the hearts and minds of teachers is the key to school change - teachers are the lever",
Michael Fullan
The Macgregor Primary School Journey.....so far!
John Hattie: Visible Learning for teachers (Size DOES matter....)
4 Key Questions:
1. What do we want the student to know?
2. How will we know when they've learned it?
3. What about the students who already know it?
4. What about the students who don't get it?
PLT Basics
Agreed Norms (team charter)
Collaborative planning of units (Backwards by design process)
Consensus about Power Standards
Consensus about Success Criteria (expectations of students)
Common Formative Assessments
Analysis of results
SMART goals
Individual and small group goals
Differentiation of teaching
Sharing of strategies and best practice

Intervention and Enrichment: Must be Systemic
Based on common formative assessment
rehearsals for assessment
WIN groups formed after classroom teaching cycle to ensure gaps are plugged and enrichment occurs.
Summative assessment at end of WIN cycle as evidence of teacher effectiveness
Visible Learning
How do the student know what they are learning, and why they are learning it? (WALT & TIB)
How do students know what it takes to be successful? (WILF)
How do students know how they are going in their progress towards success? (Formative assessment and
Descriptive Feedback....(EBI???)
Hattie: "Number one impact on student outcomes..."
Assessment-capable learners.
Self-reported grades
Providing formative feedback
Metacognitive strategies

"Interiew with John Hattie"
What is a PLC?
"An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve. Professional learning communities operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous job-embedded learning for educators." - definition from Learning by Doing, Second Edition

Richard and Rebecca Dufour
3 BIG Ideas!!!
1. Focus on Learning (not teaching)
2. Build a Collaborative Culture
3. Focus on Results (Evidence...)
Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Shirley Clarke
Formative assessment & Descriptive Feedback
Dylan Wiliam & Lyn Sharratt
At Macgregor Primary School, we provide a system of academic interventions that guarantees each student will receive additional time and support for learning if he or she experiences initial difficulty. Students who are proficient have access to enriched and extended learning opportunities.

Macgregor's Intervention and Enrichment Pyramid
PLC...what not to do!
Mid year PLC report....
Please complete honestly.....
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