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Down Syndrome

Living with Designer Genes

Mark McVittie

on 11 November 2010

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Transcript of Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome
Living with
Designer Genes
first described as a 'syndrome'
by Dr. John Langdon Down in 1866
Identified in '59 as a chromosomal disorder
'trisomy 21'
for the presence of an extra 21st chromosome
What makes this
little girl
so 'special'?
she is a child with "it"
What is DS?
What does THAT mean?
A person with DS will have
Developmental Delays
Health issues often include
heart defects, digestive issues,
hearing, vision and other problems,
minor or major
Other than being so darn cute?? ;-)
The same little girl had
heart surgery when she
was 4 months old.
And life is great!
The little girl has
hypotonia - low muscle tone.
(She learned to walk when she
was 4.5 years old.)
She is intellectually delayed - she will learn, just more slowly
She knows doctors very well,
and doesn't (hardly) cry with needles
any more.
Some people think
she must always be happy!
(trust me, she's not ;-)
She knows
sign language
(do you?)
This little girl is my daughter
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