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3 stories

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Marek Kirejczyk

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of 3 stories

3 Stories Small gestures Fast
Process 1. Write some code No big deal, just 2. Talk 3. Pair programming Easy!
Works great! Clearly show
who to hire BUT! How to convince great
engineers to work for you? Interesting
projects SURE Friendly environment SURE Sometimes it is not enough Developer Come to an interview Did great on all 3 parts Looks excited about working with us BUT! Mr A. Mr A. lives over
200 km away 200 km MOVE That's not all! Mrs A. Even Bigger decision! Guess who decision maker is! Not Mr A. Ask for advice I don't know the decision maker What do I do? 3 STORIES @marekkirejczyk "The quickest way to know
is to ask someone who already knows" Small
gesture Makes a
difference From
"almost there" To
"we made it" Can you think of other examples? Small
gesture Sometimes All it takes Story 2
Is money evil? Contracts 2. Fun Fixed price to
remind you about
things we tend
to forget Hiring "Flowers did the thing" Is it optimal for client? are very important Is there an alternative? Time and
material Story 1 Common
interest Aim: Wow effect
World meeting in 8 weeks Pass bonus to the team. Target: 100 hours Hourly rate: 100
+ 50% of saved money Hourly rate: 70 3 estimations:
team: 6 weeks
client: 8 weeks
my: 10 weeks 3 bonus levels:
8 weeks - 30%
9 weeks - 20%
10 weeks - 10% over 11 weeks
-10% Story 3
Fun As our team was growing... I faced many challanges Hiring Introduction:
Tech stack, TDD, kanban, scrum, discipline TDD Thomas Sundberg & Alexandru Bolboaca AgileByExample2011 CODE DOJO by Code dojo
2-3 hours
once a week After 3-4 months
we morph it Pair programming
new technologies playground
(e.g. DDD) Project Tech stack, TDD, kanban, scrum discipline Kanban limits, burndowns, code coverage, cruise control Quality
culture weekly meetings
monthly meetings More to come:
code coverage (both ruby & js)
acceptance tests in the cloud
more gamification (leader board)
burn downs
time reports Gamification Visibility
Quality Culture
Fun Problems
good Thank you The story Big decision! Client ask
for a feature Fix price?
Time & material? Bonus? DEAL! Everything happened Scope changes Heavily Underestimated features Technology
Failures Yet I had most proactive team ever And highly motivated client We had our moments of weakness Finally... Last Tuesday was 30% bonus deadline And last to features was finished and accepted at 14:00 Takeaway:
Works great
Be careful: money is evil TODAY
My client has a keynote
at the world meeting
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