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My favorite organelle

No description

Davin Parish

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of My favorite organelle

This carries the Vesicle down a kind of highway for organelle called, Microtubules. The Vesicle itself acts as a giant suitcase. it is filled with proteins meant for the outside of the cell. Vesicles are used as a tool to organize cellular substances. They can be used for buoyancy control, Metabolism, Enzyme storage and transport. They release their contents outside of the cell by fusing with the plasma membrane. it can also fuse with other organelle. TOTALLY AWESOME! There are many different types of Vesicles. one of which is the Vacuole. this is a large Vesicle that carries water and food Secretory vesicles hold materials that are meant to go out of the cell like waste. They also release chemicals when needed.

Another Vesicle is the Lysosome which I already mentioned. My sources were:

http://sparkleberrysprings.com/innerlifeofcell.html This presentation is on the amazing organelle.. Vesicle The Vesicle is is only the the big blue thing. The thing the arrow is pointing to is the motor protein, kinesin. For example the Lysosome will fuse with damaged organelle and digest them to get rid of them. these also will break down food components so that they can be used in the cell. Vesicles were discovered in 1967 by H. Clarke Anderson and Ermanno Bonucci
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