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Factory Farming

No description

Haley Macpherson

on 30 March 2012

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Transcript of Factory Farming

What do you imagine of when you think of a farm?
How did it get this way?
Industrial Revolution
Use of suppliments, steroids, antibiotics and pesticides
Rise of fast food corporations
Factory farming:
a large industrialized farm; especially : a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised in confinement in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost
Factory farming effects the quality of the surrounding:

Factory Farms are inhumane. They have a catastrophic effect on the physical and psychological state of the livestock
What are the Environmental Effects?
How does this Affect Human Health?
Hydrogen Sulfide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Health of the Eaters
Poisoning from pesticides
Hormone-related changes
Cardiovascular issues
Parasitic, bacterial & viral
Be Apart of the Change!
Buy Organic
Educate Yourself and Ask Questions
Hope for a more promising future
Relentless non-profit companies who fight for:
Adjustment of national laws wordwide
New methods
Animal Welfare
Health of Everyone
Drug resistance diseases
What are factory farms?
What are the environmental effects?
What does the future look like?
With your help we can turn
into this...
Present day factory farming methods pollute the water, air and soil, threatening the health of local communities
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